DJ/Percussionist Ravidrums’ LA Nights

RavidrumsHello, MD Web readers! I’d like to tell you about the biggest weekend in Hollywood. The Emmys were finally upon us, and I was going to perform in font of some of the biggest talent in the industry! HBO had invited me back for the fourth time to perform as their main stage entertainment.

The weekend leading up to the Emmys was definitely an interesting one. It was a hectic and crazy weekend; I had a gig down in San Diego the night before, and after my insane performance I made my way back to LA to prepare for my big show at the HBO after party. It’s about 4:00 A.M., and I’m going about 110, rocking out to loud music, wired off Red Bull, and texting all at the same time, and then—I get pulled over! Go figure. 🙂

After that I was entirely too tired to make it back to LA and I kicked it in the OC for the night. The next day I woke up and drove straight to the Pacific Design Center, where some of the biggest, most lavish events are held, including Elton John’s Oscar after party. Advertisement

This year felt even bigger than years past! HBO has never failed to put on a stunning event. But this year’s was unlike any I’d ever seen, one of the most beautiful and lavish events I’d ever had the privilege of performing at, nationally or globally.

I get there, I walk in, and it’s beyond all of my imagination! Everyone is dressed in their Emmy best, including Tom Hanks, the crew from Entourage, the mayor of Los Angeles–you name it, they were there!

This year they built me a two-story platform stage in the middle of the room, where everyone could view me. I was really excited because for the first time in LA I was going to exhibit my massive NASA-engineered clear light-up drumkit. Advertisement

Before heading onstage, while I was sipping some bubbly at the bar, I saw the mayor and reminded him that he had played with me last year, and I invited him back on stage with me. He was a bit hesitant, saying that he didn’t know how to play. I reminded him of his Latin roots and told him he could play the bongos—the rest is history!

While I was performing on stage, in walks one of my idols, Matt Sorum, former Guns N’ Roses and current Velvet Revolver drummer. He gives me a nod, sits down at the table, and chats with his beautiful girlfriend; it was a very warm feeling seeing him enjoy my set.

RavidrumsSo my first set is rocking–the crowd is going crazy, and my light-up drums are making a great impact. I see the mayor and bring him up, and all eyes are on us, paparazzi and reporters swarming around. Then, Entourage‘s Jeremy Piven jumps on stage and all hell breaks lose. The crowed goes nuts! Bret McKenzie of Flight Of The Conchords was also in the audience and couldn’t help but join our rock session. Advertisement

I want to thank the MD readers for letting me share one of the most amazing moments of my life, and I’ll forever be a part of the historic HBO Drum Session!


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