Red’s Hayden Lamb

 Hayden LambHey, everybody. I’m sitting in the back lounge of our tour bus on a rainy day in Asheville, North Carolina. We just wrapped up the dates with Seether and Flyleaf and are looking at a summer of spot dates and festivals. I recently got back out on the road again after tearing my shoulder in December, and I have to say I look at touring from a whole different perspective now. My days are longer, because added to the normal radio and press schedule is a booklet of exercises to warm up my shoulder before I can even pick up a pair of drumsticks.

One of the biggest things for me as a drummer has been learning how to take care of myself before and after shows. It definitely affects my show and the way I feel the next day. I’ve been very blessed to tour with and be close to a number of phenomenal drummers who’ve helped me along the way. Morgan Rose of Sevendust, John Humphreys of Seether, and Chad from Breaking Benjamin are all great friends of mine who have taught me so much throughout the past couple of years. Special thanks to those guys and every other drummer who works hard at doing what they love!

Well, I wish I could stay and chat longer, but I have to get ready for the show. Thanks to the companies that endorse me–Risen Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Evans Heads, and Silverfox Sticks.

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