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On The Beat with Jonas Ekdahl of Evergrey: Talks Influences and Approach

Hi MD, Jonas Ekdahl here from Gothenburg, Sweden, and I play drums in the band Evergrey. I’ve been playing drums for twenty-four years and have been in the band (with the exception of a few years) since 2003. I listened…

Modern Drummer
Aug 29, 2017

BYOS Kicks Off Nationwide Clinician Tour

Evans and Promark by D’Addario announce the kickoff of the BYOS’ clinician tour taking place across the United States at participating Guitar Center locations. Ralph Nader and Harvey Thompson, collectively known as BYOS (Bring Your Own Style), are an innovative…

Modern Drummer
Apr 28, 2017

Video Tour! Gearing Up with Wilco's Glenn Kotche

This excerpt is taken from the complete article that appears in the November 2015 issue, which is available here. Gearing Up On Stage and Up Close Glenn Kotche by Miguel Monroy Glenn Kotche has one of the most distinctive setups…

Modern Drummer
Oct 1, 2015

Video Lesson! Necessary Ruffness: Make Your Grooves Percolate With Subtle Doubles

This excerpt is taken from the complete article that appears in the October 2015 issue, which is available here. Basics Necessary Ruffness Make Your Grooves Percolate With Subtle Doubles by Rich Redmond The ruff is an essential rudiment that’s directly related…

Modern Drummer
Aug 27, 2015

VIDEO LESSON: Build a Beat! A Step-by-Step Approach

This excerpt is taken from the complete article that appears in the September 2015 issue, which is available here. Basics Build a Beat! A Step-by-Step Approach to Creating Unique and Interesting Grooves by Rich Redmond Over the years, my experiences…

Modern Drummer
Jul 30, 2015

VIDEO LESSON! Attack of the Juh-Ba: The Flat Flam Followed by a Kick Drum

The excerpt below is taken from the complete article that appears in the July 2015 issue, which is available here. Basics Attack of the Juh-Ba Harness the Power of the Flat Flam Followed by a Kick Drum by Rich Redmond…

Modern Drummer
Jun 5, 2015

Promark at NAMM 2015 (VIDEO)

In this video from NAMM 2015, Elija Novarro, Promark product specialist for D’Addario & Company, shows us the company’s new point-of-purchase display and three new signature model drumsticks. To help clarify the features and benefits between the Select Balance drumsticks,…

Modern Drummer
Feb 21, 2015

VIDEO! The Lindy Beat: The Grooviest of Early Rock Grooves (From the February 2015 Issue)

The following excerpt is taken from the February 2015 issue of Modern Drummer. Basics The Lindy Beat The Grooviest of Early Rock ’n’ Roll Grooves by Rich Redmond The classic rhythm we’re exploring this month has weathered the test of time…

Modern Drummer
Jan 7, 2015

Basics: Radio Beats (From the January 2015 Issue)

Radio Beats 7 Real-World Applications of Essential, Time-Honored Grooves by Rich Redmond In this month’s article, we take a look at some popular grooves on country radio right now. All of them are variations of what I call “money beats,”…

Modern Drummer
Dec 16, 2014

Drumerica Announces 2014 Contest Finalists

Videos to be posted at   Drumerica, the National Contest For Young Drummers, has announced the names of the 18 finalists in this year’s competition. They are: • Swing/Blues (Groove Essentials Track #23): Chris Chandler • Latin (Groove Essentials…

Modern Drummer
Aug 27, 2014

Drumerica Is Open to All Young Jazz, Rock, Latin, Metal And R&B Drummers

No matter what style of music they play, aspiring drummers can show their talent, skill and personality by participating in the 2014 Drumerica drumming contest. Entry in the newly-created National Competition for Young Drummers is free and open to all…

Modern Drummer
Jul 7, 2014

KoSA Cuba's 2014 Percussion Workshop & Havana's Drum Festival 'Fiesta del Tambor'

KoSA Cuba held the 12th edition of its annual Cuban workshop and festival this past March 9-16. The program's itinerary featured informative classes, hands-on lessons, and “jaw-dropping” musical performances by the KoSA Cuba faculty. New this year, KoSA's director, Aldo…

Modern Drummer
Apr 16, 2014

Drum Daze 2014 Columbus, Ohio

Modern Drummer Publications and Columbus Pro Percussion are teaming up to create one amazing drumming day. On Sunday, March 30th, some of the biggest names in drumming will come together for an afternoon you won’t forget. But what is Drum Daze?…

Modern Drummer
Mar 21, 2014

ProMark And Evans Offer Holiday Bundle

Buy a Brick of ProMark Hickory 5A Wood Sticks and Get a FREE Evans Coated 14” G1 Snare Drum Head, Available while Supplies Last! ProMark drumsticks and Evans drumheads announce a new bundle only available for the 2012 Holiday Season.…

Modern Drummer
Sep 10, 2012