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Quiet Down Your Practice With Cymbomute Cymbal Mutes

A Cymbomute cymbal mute fits around the rim of a cymbal and is held in place by its own tension. These devices are available for any size and type of cymbal, so an entire setup can be muted no matter…

Modern Drummer
Jun 10, 2014

Sabian Releases 13-Inch Jojo Mayer Hoop Crasher

Originally introduced in 2012 as a 14" model, Sabian is now offering a 13" Hoop Crasher. Designed by Jojo Mayer, the Hoop Crasher dual-ring effects device is manufactured from a set of premium B20 bronze hi-hats. The top flotation ring…

Modern Drummer
Jun 2, 2014

Product Close-Up: Crescent Haptic Series Cymbals (From the March 2014 Issue)

by Michael Dawson Crescent’s new Haptic series was developed for world music artist Jamey Haddad, who wanted cymbals that he could play with his bare hands as well as with sticks. (See Haddad’s Setting Sights feature in the February 2014…

Modern Drummer
Jan 28, 2014

VIDEO - Zildjian NAMM Show 2014 New Gear Coverage

  In this video Zildjian discusses their latest products at The NAMM Show 2014. The Avedis Zildjian Company is an American cymbal manufacturer founded in Istanbul. At nearly 400 years old, Zildjian is one of the oldest companies in the…

Modern Drummer
Jan 25, 2014

VIDEO - Meinl Cymbals NAMM Show 2014 New Gear Coverage

  In this video Meinl Cymbals' Chris Brewer giving a tour of the Meinl Cymbals booth at The NAMM Show 2014. Highlights include 22" Tradition Ride Cymbals, 21" Extra-Dry Transition Ride (Mike Johnston), Pure Rides, Classic Customs, and more. Meinl…

Modern Drummer
Jan 24, 2014

The Making of Alicia Keys’ "Girl on Fire" with Indie Studio Drummer Dylan Wissing

In this video, session drummer Dylan Wissing shares the story behind the making of the drum tracks on R&B superstar Alicia Keys’ hit single “Girl on Fire.” Dylan Wissing is a Hoboken, New Jersey–based drummer who operates his own recording…

Modern Drummer
Jul 23, 2013

Soultone's Vintage Old School 1964 Series Cymbals

Soultone Vintage Old School 1964 Series Cymbals by Michael Dawson Soultone Cymbals was founded in 2003 by the Los Angeles–based drummer Iki Levy, in an effort to provide high-quality models with what Levy describes as “a balance of proper weight…

Modern Drummer
Dec 19, 2012

Zildjian K Constantinople 20" Bounce and 22" Renaissance Rides

Zildjian K Constantinople 20" Bounce and 22" Renaissance Rides by Michael Dawson The K Constantinople series is Zildjian’s high-end cymbal line designed to recall classic jazz tones from the 1950s and ’60s. All Constantinople cymbals sound complex, dark, and warm…

Modern Drummer
Nov 21, 2012

Sabian 17" Holy China

The Holy China, which is now available as a smaller 17" model, features a higher profile to raise the pitch, holes for increased volume and sustain, and a large unfinished bell for cut and durability. The 17" cymbal was designed…

Modern Drummer
Sep 11, 2012

On-Stage iMount iPad Mounting System

      The On-Stage iMount system allows you to attach an iPad to drum/cymbal hardware or a microphone stand and also acts as a protective cover. An 8 mm threaded insert on the rear of the case mates with…

Modern Drummer
Aug 23, 2012

Meinl Brann Dailor 21" Mb8 Ghost Ride

  Developed in cooperation with Mastodon drummer Brann Dailor, this cymbal features a unique look and has a sound that’s said to combine glassy ping and warm shimmer. The raw black bell delivers a cutting, clear punch.    …

Modern Drummer
Aug 2, 2012

V-Classic Cymbals

V-Classic Vintage-Inspired Turkish Cymbals by Michael Dawson V-Classic cymbals are the brainchild of Torab Majlesi, a Turkish session drummer and industry vet who’s had an affinity for traditional cymbal sounds since purchasing his first set of old K’s back in…

Modern Drummer
Jul 17, 2012

Zildjian K Custom Dark Complex Rides and Hybrid Trash Smash Cymbals

Zildjian K Custom Dark Complex Rides and Hybrid Trash Smash by Michael Dawson Three of the more interesting pieces that Zildjian has released this year are the medium-thin 21" and 22" Dark Complex rides and the funky-looking 19" Hybrid Trash…

Modern Drummer
Jun 19, 2012

Get Up: Strategies for Playing Fast and Staying Relaxed (w/ VIDEO)

May 2012 Jazz Drummer’s Workshop Get Up! Strategies for Playing Fast and Staying Relaxed by Steve Fidyk It’s widely understood that the faster the tempo, the more relaxed your body needs to be. In some cases, however, players psych themselves…

Modern Drummer
Mar 19, 2012