Zildjian  K Constantinople 20" Bounce Zildjian K  22" Renaissance Rides


K Constantinople 20″ Bounce and 22″ Renaissance Rides

by Michael Dawson

The K Constantinople series is Zildjian’s high-end cymbal line designed to recall classic jazz tones from the 1950s and ’60s. All Constantinople cymbals sound complex, dark, and warm and have an aged look and feel. Yet within that seemingly narrow spectrum you can find a wide range of tones, from light and sweet to dark and moody. Case in point: This month’s pair of review cymbals—the 20″ Bounce ride and 22″ Renaissance ride—are about as different as different gets when it comes to timbre, response, and feel.

Click here to check out the 20″ Bounce ride.


Click here to check out the 22″ Renaissance ride.


Check out the complete review in the January 2013 issue of Modern Drummer.