Sabian Releases 13-Inch Jojo Mayer Hoop Crasher

14" SABIAN Hoop Crasher Angle  HC14

Originally introduced in 2012 as a 14″ model, Sabian is now offering a 13″ Hoop Crasher. Designed by Jojo Mayer, the Hoop Crasher dual-ring effects device is manufactured from a set of premium B20 bronze hi-hats. The top flotation ring is punched with thirty-two holes for lightness and lift, while the heavier bottom ring is designed with an X-Celerator Air-Wave lip to eliminate airlock and minimize contact area with the drumhead.

Attached by a pair of cotter pins, the two rings can be played free by simply removing the pins, allowing more flotation and lift of the top ring. For even more sound possibilities, the Hoop Crasher can be placed loosely on a snare drum or tightened down with a trio of adjustable tension clamps (included). Adjusting the pressure of the clamps affects sustain, allowing the player to dial in longer or shorter sounds.

The Hoop Crasher is also designed to not change the basic sound of the drum. This allows you to bring in the effect of the Hoop Crasher whenever you need it.


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