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October 2013 Issue of Modern Drummer Featuring Mike Portnoy

Mike Portnoy

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October 2020:
What Song Are You Working on Now?

“Metropolis—Part I” by Dream Theater [Mike Portnoy].@ptrlcc “Chemical Warfare” by Slayer [Dave Lombardo].@nickkcuevas “Hemispheres” by Rush [Neil Peart]. The first section is so tough on the hi-hat.@mconrad332 “Around the World” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers [Chad Smith].@_rywill22 “Just like Heaven” by the Cure [Boris Williams].Eric Heumann “Rosas del Amor” …

May 2019:
May 2019
New Releases by Kyle Crane, The BBB, Flav Martin, MewithoutYou, The Neal Morse Band, and more

New releases featuring Jerry Marotta, Bernie Dresel, Mike Portnoy and more

May 2018:
Next to None’s Max Portnoy

Within the international drumming community, the name Portnoy is synonymous with progressive metal. Through his work with Dream Theater, Liquid Tension Experiment, Flying Colors, Transatlantic, and, most recently, Sons of Apollo, Mike Portnoy has garnered every award and accolade imaginable for his advanced drumming skills and musical explorations. But perhaps …

March 2014:
The 50 Greatest Drummers of All Time
50 Greatest Drummers 1

Whose playing endures through the decades? Whose music do we reach for when we want new ideas? When we want to practice? When we want to laugh? Who inspires and delights us most?

February 2018:

This past September, the Atlanta venue Center Stage treated fans to four days of progressive-metal utopia at the eighteenth edition of the ProgPower USA festival. The sold-out event hosted twenty-one international prog- and power-metal bands with exclusive performances by some longtime favorites.

October 2013:
Mike Portnoy
Mike Portnoy

It takes a big pair to be one of a kind. Since leaving the most celebrated prog-metal gig in the world with Dream Theater, the drummer has thrown himself into an impressive number of diverse musical situations, always confident in the fact that whatever the music calls for, he’ll bring …

March 2017:
An Editor's Overview – The Uncommon Man
MD Editor Billy Amendola

Hello, everyone! We’re already well into the new year, and I always like to take the opportunity around this time to thank readers, drum industry members, and everyone else who has supported Modern Drummer over the past forty-one years. Some of you will be picking up this issue at the …

November 2010:
November 2010 – Volume 34 • Number 11

Gene Hoglan, Mike Portnoy, Aquiles Priester, Daru Jones, Narada Michael Walden, Herman “The German” Rarebell, Sebastian Thomson, Ulysses Owens Jr., Ross Jarman, Nick Buda, Matt Cameron, Armen Halburian, Robby Ameen, Joe Vitale, Trey Gray

October 2007:
October 2007 – Volume 31 • Number 10

Mike Portnoy, Bill Bruford, Chris Pennie, Nick D’Virgilio, Phil Collins, Dan Weiss, Gavin Harrison, Virgil Donati, Mark Zonder, Ian Mosley, Dave King, Pat Mastelotto, Aynsley Dunbar, Joey Jordison, Dom Famularo, Scott Rockenfield

April 2007:
April 2007 – Volume 31 • Number 4

Carmine Appice, Mike Portnoy, Roy Hanes, Jeff “Tain” Watts, Chico Hamilton, Nasheet Waits, Eric McPherson, Marcus Gilmore, Bob Bryar, Brooks Wackerman, Billy Thomas, Neil Sanderson, Tyler Greenwell, Billy Brimblecom, Lewis Nash, Kevin Dow, Teddy Campbell, Brian Tichy, Bun E. Carlos

July 2005:
July 2005 – Volume 29 • Number 7

John Dolmayan, Steve Smith, Matt McDonough, Mike Portnoy, Billy Hart, Jeremy Colson, Nick Mason, Adrian Erlandsson, David Wagenschutz, Joe Cocuzzo, Chad Chapin, Rick “The Rev” Holeman, Mike Zeoli, Lloyd Knibb, Dan Caro, John Blackwell, Larry Bunker, Darrin Pfeiffer, Russ McKinnon

June 2004:
June 2004 – Volume 28 • Number 6

Vinne Paul, Terence Higgins, Chris Cester, Bill Stevenson, John Riley, Mike Portnoy, Keith Carlock, Mike Lowry, Greg Saunier, Debbi Peterson, Shadow Wilson, John Guerin, Phil Collins, Gary Husband, Sam Loeffler, Gregg Bissonette

October 2003:
October 2003 – Volume 27 • Number 10

Jack DeJohnette, Scott Underwood, Tommy Sickles, Rob Bourdon, Charlie Benante, Sam McCandless, Stix Hooper, J.R. Conners, Stan Frazier, Joey Kramer, Aaron Montgomery, Mike Portnoy, Danny Carey, Terry Bozzio

June 2003:
June 2003 – Volume 27 • Number 6

Shannon Larkin, Matt Wilson, Christian Vander, Paul Crosby, Brian Stephens, Russell Batiste, Ian Froman, Terry Chambers, Mich Fleetwood, Mongo Santamaria, Taylor Hawkins, Mike Portnoy, Gregg Bissonette, Ralph Humphrey, Dave Weckl

May 2002:
May 2002 – Volume 26 • Number 5

Mike Portnoy, Lil’ John Roberts, Roy Hanes, Dave Lombardo, Bobby Rondinelli, Brendan Buckley, Chad Gracey, Paul Wertico, Alan White, Andy Kubiszewski, Fabrizio Moretti, Jimmy Chamberlin, Charlie Benante, Russ Miller

April 2001:
April 2001 – Volume 25 • Number 4

Billy Martin, Luis Conte, Tommy Stewart, Marco Minnemann, Vernel Fournier, Rob Bourdon, Jim Chapin, Scott Amendola, Mike Portnoy, Kirk Covington, Terry Silverlight, Karen Carpenter, David Garibaldi, Tony Verderosa, Ken Vogel, Peter Erskine, Osami Mizuno, Ron Spagnardi, Michael Miller, Lauren Vogel Weiss, Jeff Kersh

February 2001:
February 2001 – Volume 25 • Number 2

Tyler Stewart, Hilary Jones, Billy Ward, Billy Mason, Chuck Sabo, Rob Ladd, Brian Burwell, Russ Miller, Mark Ambrosino, Ken Vogel, Rob Leytham, Roger Odell, Ed Breckenfeld, John Xepoleas, John Thomakos, Jeff Decker, Tim Earle, Mike Portnoy, Bill Bruford, “JR” Robinson

August 2000:
August 2000 – Volume 24 • Number 8

Jimmy Chamberlin, Stanton Moore, Rod Morgenstein, Mike Portnoy, Bashiri Johnson, Brian Blade, Trilok Gurtu, Joey Jordison, John “Bermuda” Schwartz, Devon Glenn, Aled Richards, Ted Kirkpatrick, Zac Hanson, Mike Portnoy, Danny Carey, Dave Weckl, Omar Hakim

July 2000:
July 2000 – Volume 24 • Number 7

Jeff Ballard, Nana Vasconcelos, Mel Lewis, Ustad Allarakha, Peter Erskine, Ricky Lawson, Don Alias, Danny Reyes, Jeff Fowlkes, Tommy Perkins, Chris Pennie, Vinnie Colaiuta, Jeremy Taggart, Mike Portnoy, Eddie Bayers, Roy Hanes

December 1999:
December 1999 – Volume 23 • Number 12

Adrian Young, Chad Sexton, Billy Cobham, Chet Doboe, Donny Brown, Phil Collins, Marc Quinones, Mike Portnoy, Travis Barker, J.D. Blair, TS Monk, Kenny Wolleson, Will Calhoun, Rod Morgenstein, Virgil Donati, John Tempesta, Narada Michael Walden

August 1999:
August 1999 – Volume 23 • Number 8

Chad Smith, Mike Mangini, Sammy Figueroa, Peter Erskine, Tyler Stewart, David Lauser, Linda Pitmon, Craig Randolph, Willie Green, Mike Portnoy, Phil Collins, Matt Chamberlain, Roger Odell,  Russ McKinnon, Chet Doboe, T. Bruce Wittet, Rick Van Horn, Frederick Bay, Daniel Glass, Ron Hefner, Matt Peiken

November 1998:
November 1998 – Volume 22 • Number 11

Billy Cobham, Giovanni Hidalgo, Matt Wilson, Max Roach, Bernard Perdie, Apt. Q-258, Jeff Sipe, Wayne Wilburn, Mike Portnoy, Andy Partridge, Patrick Fitzsimmons, Caroline Corr, Roger Earl, Les DeMerle, Denny Fongheiser, Kenny Aronoff, Danny Gottlieb

December 1997:
December 1997 – Volume 21 • Number 12

Mike Portnoy, Sonny Greer, Louie Benson, Sam Woodyard, Joe Sirois, Gavin Harrison, Bill Bruford, Hal Blaine, Safwan Javed, Joe Morello, Jim Chapin,

November 1996:
November 1996 – Volume 20 • Number 11

Lars Ulrich, Kirk Covington, Brad Wilk, Neil Peart, Elvin Jones, Charlie Quintana, Sol Gubin, Paul Cook, Jason Cooper, Darin Pfeiffer, Bernie Dresel, Al Webster, Mike Portnoy, David Garibaldi,

October 1995:
October 1995 – Volume 19 • Number 10

In this Issue: Richie Hayward, Steve Smith, Peter Erskine, Stephen Perkins, Mike Portnoy, Gregg Bissonette, Kenwood Dennard, Rayford Griffin, Alan White, Fergal Lawler

January 1994:
January 1995 – Volume 19 • Number 1

In this Issue: Paul Wertico, Mike Portnoy, Deen Castronovo, Mark Zonder, Bobby Rock, Eric Singer, John Tempesta

August 1993:
August 1993 – Volume 17 • Number 8

In this Issue: Max Roach, Mike Portnoy, Cevin Key, Ted Parsons, Chris Vrenna

Posted: October 3, 2022

Category: News
Porcupine Tree – Greek Theater

By Alex Kluft Porcupine Tree played the Greek Theater in Los Angeles, CA on Friday night as part of their Closure/Continuation Tour. This was the first Porcupine Tree tour in 12 years. The group was founded in 1987 by guitarist/vocalist Steven Wilson. In 1993, keyboardist Richard Barbieri joined, and in …

Posted: May 11, 2021

Category: News
An “Evening with Baard Kolstad” Livestream Event Review – May 11th, 2021

by Josh Buchignani Baard Kolstad kicked off his “Evening with Baard Kolstad” livestream on Saturday May 8th with an explosive playthrough of “The Sky is Red” from Leprous, the progressive metal group that Baard has been the drummer for since 2013. This track consists of a wide dynamic range and …

Posted: April 16, 2021

Category: News
Liquid Tension Experiment – LTE3 – Album Review – April 16th, 2021

By Mike Waltz  Twenty-two years after their last recording together, Liquid Tension Experiment LTE3 (released today 4/16/21 on Inside Out Music) found a way to reunite in July of 2020 (pandemic be dammed) to write and record this monster album. Mike Portnoy (drums), John Petrucci (guitar), Jordan Rudess (piano, keys) …

Posted: September 1, 2020

Category: News
Modern Drummer Festival 2020

Modern Drummer is rebooting its world-famous Drum Festival on September 12 at 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time with a live-streaming event honoring the late, great Rush drummer Neil Peart. Proceeds of ticket sales will benefit brain tumor research at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. The event, which will be produced and distributed …

Posted: August 20, 2020

Category: News
20th Annual Modern Drummer Festival featuring A Tribute To Iconic Drummer Neil Peart.

LiveXLive to Produce and Distribute Live Pay Per View Show Featuring Incredible Lineup Reaching over 150 Million Social Media Fans — Taylor Hawkins, Chad Smith, Cindy Blackman-Santana, Thomas Lang, Alex Gonzalez A global platform for livestream and on-demand audio, video and podcast content in music, comedy, and pop culture, announced …

Posted: March 17, 2020

Category: On the Beat
Shad Teems of Framing Hanley

When I was two years old, my parents got tired of continually picking up pots and pans and wooden spoons off the floor.

Posted: February 20, 2020

Category: On the Beat
Joey Aguirre of Sifting

Hi MD readers, Joey Aguirre here and I play drums in a progressive metal band called Sifting. It’s an honor to be featured here “On The Beat!”

Posted: November 26, 2019

Category: On the Beat
Frederik De Wilde of Fragmentum

Hi there, MD fans and fellow drum enthusiasts! My name is Frederik De Wilde and I’m currently living in Ghent, Belgium. Drumming has been the biggest passion in my life since I was nine years old.

Posted: November 22, 2019

Category: News, News and Events
Sons Of Apollo Launch Video For "Goodbye Divinity"; First Single From MMXX

SONS OF APOLLO are ready to ring in the new decade with a sonic boom with their second studio album, appropriately titled, MMXX (pronounced: 20/20).

Posted: October 29, 2019

Category: On the Beat
Steve Finn of the Offering

My name is Steve and I play in the Offering, a heavy metal band based in Boston, Massachusetts. I have been a subscriber to Modern Drummer since I was fifteen, so having the opportunity to appear here “On The Beat” is an incredible full circle moment for me.

Posted: September 23, 2019

Category: News
Video Premiere: District 97’s “Sheep”

Jonathan Schang, drummer and leader of the neo-prog band District 97, has graciously invited Modern Drummer to premiere the group’s video to the song “Sleep,” from their upcoming album Screens.

Posted: March 11, 2019

Terry Bozzio Kit
Category: News, News and Events
Backstage Auctions Presents the "All Access David Frangioni Collection"

Backstage Auctions, Inc presents the upcoming “All Access David Frangioni” auction event which will feature a host of impressive and historic rock and audio memorabilia including drums and drum kits, audio equipment, and more, from award-winning audio engineer, author, and collector David Frangioni.

Posted: December 3, 2018

Percussive Nation
Category: Clinics and Events, News, News and Events
Mike Portnoy's Percussive Nation 2019 Music Camp

Mike Portnoy’s Percussive Nation Music Camp 2019.

Posted: November 30, 2018

Hall of Heavy Metal History
Category: News, News and Events
2019 Hall of Heavy Metal History Inductees Announced

After recently inducting Judas Priest, Bill Ward, Doro, and other icons of rock and metal into the 2018 Hall of Heavy Metal History, it has recently announced the 2019 inductees.

Posted: June 21, 2017

Max Portnoy
Category: Drummers, On the Beat
On the Beat with Max Portnoy of Next To None: Talks New Release and Upcoming Tours

Hey everybody! My name is Max Portnoy and I play drums for the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania-based progressive metal band Next To None. I’ve been playing drums for about fourteen years, and I’ve been playing with my band for close to six years now.

Posted: August 1, 2016

Category: Drummers, Feature Stories, Featured, Web Exclusive
Evan Chapman of Square Peg Round Hole: Juniper Album, “Name Not One Man??? Video World Premiere

With Juniper, instrumental and percussion-heavy trio Square Peg Round Hole unleashes pondering melodies, brooding harmonic landscapes, and forward-thinking rhythms. Here, the group’s main drummer, Evan Chapman, discusses the concepts and influences behind the record’s broad sonic spectrum….

Posted: May 31, 2016

2016 Gear of the Year Issue Modern Drummer magazine
Category: Drummers, Featured, Issues, News, News and Events
July Modern Drummer magazine 2016 Gear of the Year Issue

See what’s in the July Modern Drummer magazine 2016 Gear of the Year Issue.

Posted: May 31, 2016

Category: Drummers, Featured, Issues, News, News and Events
July Modern Drummer magazine 2016 Gear of the Year Issue

See what’s in the July Modern Drummer magazine 2016 Gear of the Year Issue.

Posted: May 27, 2016

Category: Drummers, Feature Stories, News, News and Events
Guitarist Paul Gilbert on Mike Portnoy

Mr. Big founder and ex-Racer X guitarist Paul Gilbert is releasing his seventeenth solo album today, ‘I Can Destroy’, featuring Thomas Lang on drums. Gilbert has performed in a number of musical projects over the years with Mike Portnoy, including the drummer’s Beatles tribute group Yellow Matter Custard, which played …

Posted: December 2, 2015

Category: Drummers, Feature Stories
Max and Mike Portnoy on the Making of Next to None’s A Light in the Dark

Progressive metal band Next to None’s debut album, A Light in the Dark, features Mike Portnoy’s son, Max, on drums. Here, father and son share their thoughts on the making of the album.

Posted: November 2, 2015

Category: Feature Stories
Dom Famularo’s Teachers List

Over the course of his forty-year career traveling the globe to teach, perform, and conduct clinics, Dom Famularo has interacted with some of the finest drummers and drum instructors in the world. The following list contains many of those names, organized by country/continent. If you’re looking for top-notch drum instruction, …

Posted: October 1, 2015

Category: Drummers, Multimedia, Videos
Exclusive! Mike Portnoy Drum Cam Video for New Winery Dogs Track

The Winery Dogs, featuring drummer Mike Portnoy, bassist Billy Sheehan, and guitarist Richie Kotzen, will be releasing their new album, Hot Streak, this coming October 2. Check out this drum cam video of Portnoy recording the album’s title track….

Posted: August 17, 2015

Category: Clinics and Events, News, News and Events
News: Cruise to the Edge Prog Rock Cruise Sailing the Caribbean

On course to sell out for the third year in a row, the 2015 “Cruise to the Edge,??? the annual Yes fan cruise and prog-rock experience is sailing the Caribbean this November…

Posted: May 18, 2015

Category: Clinics and Events, News, News and Events
Mike Portnoy and Winery Dogs Announce Special Discount for Modern Drummer Readers for Second Annual Dog Camp

Winery Dogs, featuring drummer Mike Portnoy, bassist Billy Sheehan, and singer/guitarist Richie Kotzen, are hosting the 2015 edition of Dog Camp this July 27 though 31 at the Full Moon Resort in Big Indian, New York. Modern Drummer readers are being offered a special discount of 10% off registration for …

Posted: March 23, 2015

Category: Feature Stories, In Memoriam, News, News and Events
AJ Pero Dies at Age 55

Last Friday, March 20, longtime Twisted Sister drummer AJ Pero died in Poughkeepsie, New York, from an apparent heart attack while on the road with Adrenaline Mob.

Posted: January 16, 2015

Category: Clinics and Events, News, News and Events
California Music Fest Combines John Bonham, Randy Rhoads, and Keith Moon/John Entwistle Tributes

Scheduled to coincide with the 2015 National Association of Music Merchants convention—the NAMM Show—the California Music Fest will present tribute concerts to Led Zeppelin drummer John “Bonzo??? Bonham, Ozzie Osbourne guitarist Randy Rhoads, and the Who’s great rhythm section, drummer Keith Moon and bassist John Entwistle.

Posted: October 14, 2014

Category: Drummers, Feature Stories, News and Events
The Essence of Progressive Drumming

What is the rhythmic essence of progressive music? What makes prog so different from other genres? Does it require a specific skill set on the drumkit, or does the nature of the music make it open to interpretation? MD posed these and other questions to the drummers in Spock’s Beard, …

Posted: September 30, 2014

Category: Drummers, On the Beat
Drummer Blog: Gabor “Gabs??? Dornyei on Touring and Being True to Yourself

Hi there, Modern Drummer readers, it’s Gabor ‘Gabs’ Dornyei here from London, UK, and it’s great to be given the opportunity by MD to share some insights of my career with you….

Posted: September 29, 2014

Category: News, News and Events, Past Contests
Win an Autographed Drumhead and Second Nature CD From Flying Colors

To celebrate the release of Second Nature, the new album by Flying Colors, with Mike Portnoy on drums, one lucky winner will receive a drumhead signed by the band members plus the new CD….

Posted: September 16, 2014

Category: Drummers, Multimedia, Playlists, Spotify Playlists
October 2014 Spotify Playlist

Our October 2014 Spotify Playlist kicks off with some great live cuts, including cover star Ian Paice’s famous solo vehicle, “The Mule,” from Deep Purple’s seminal in-concert recording, Made in Japan….

Posted: March 19, 2014

Category: Drummers, On the Beat
Sunny Leejean of Activator and the Meaning of Life

My search for a drum sound has been an active one. I’ve played everything from an old-school “tube??? Tama from the late-’80s to fusion-size Pearl, Yamaha, and PDP drumkits….

Posted: March 6, 2014

Category: Clinics and Events, Drummers, News, News and Events
Mike Portnoy and the Winery Dogs Host Dog Camp

Drummer Mike Portnoy and his Winery Dogs bandmates, bassist Billy Sheehan and guitarist Richie Kotzen, have announced Dog Camp. The event, the group’s first annual immersive program for aspiring musicians of all ages and levels, is set for this coming July 21-25, at Full Moon Resort in Big Indian, New …

Posted: October 11, 2013

Category: Drummers, On the Beat
Frank Godla of Meek Is Murder

We’ve recently completed our second full-length album, Everything Is Awesome Nothing Matters, with producer Kurt Ballou (Converge) at Godcity Studio….

Posted: October 4, 2013

Category: Drummers, On the Beat
La Voz’s Jason Gianni

This year was perhaps the most challenging, yet incredibly gratifying, test to see how I could make various rewarding opportunities work in an already vigorous schedule….

Posted: October 1, 2013

Category: Feature Stories
Hidden Gems
Great Drum Performances Uncovered

The October 2013 issue of Modern Drummer magazine features an article in which seven MD Pro Panelists share some of their favorite “hidden gems.??? Here MD’s editorial staff weighs in on their personal favorites….

Posted: September 1, 2013

Category: News, News and Events
Sabian Returns With Cymbal Vote In 2014

For the third consecutive year, Sabian is asking drummers around the world to help decide which new models the iconic cymbal-maker will release in 2014 – and once again, drummers around the world get a chance to play them before voting.

Posted: August 28, 2013

Category: Drummers, Issues, News, News and Events
October 2013 Issue of Modern Drummer Featuring Mike Portnoy

October 2013 Issue of Modern Drummer featuring Mike Portnoy Contents

Posted: May 4, 2013

Category: Clinics and Events, News, News and Events
Bonzo Birthday Bash
NY/NJ East Coast Invasion

Brian Thomas Tichy and his partner Joe Sutton have decided to bring the Bonzo Bash/John Bonham celebration to New York and New Jersey for three shows. The shows, co-sponsored by Modern Drummer, have been booked for May 30, May 31, and June 1 to pay tribute to John Henry Bonham …

Posted: March 29, 2013

Category: Drummers, On the Beat
James Forsberg of RapScallions

My name is James Forsberg, and I am the drummer for the California rock band RapScallions.

Posted: October 15, 2012

Category: Drummers, On the Beat
The Drum Guru App’s Rob Wallis

A number of people have asked me, “What is Drum Guru, and how and why did you come up with it????

Posted: September 11, 2012

Category: News, News and Events
Sabian “Cymbal Vote” Back For 2013!

Throughout September and October, drummers around the world will get to decide which new cymbals Sabian will release in 2013 – but this time around, many of you will be able to play them in person before you vote!

Posted: July 27, 2012

Category: Drummers, Multimedia, Videos
Jason Gianni with Neal Morse at the Cornerstone Festival

Check out this clip of Jason Gianni with Neal Morse at the 2012 Cornerstone Christian music festival in Bushnell, Illinois, playing “The Door??? from the prog-rock great’s Sola Scriptura album. Jason is currently subbing for Mike Portnoy on Morse’s world tour.

Posted: May 3, 2012

Category: Clinics and Events, Drummers, News, News and Events
Bonzo’s Birthday Bash Scheduled for May 31 at the House of Blues in L.A.

Bonzo’s Birthday Bash: A Tribute Concert to John Henry Bonham of Led Zeppelin, will be presented this coming Thursday, May 31, at the House of Blues in Los Angeles, California. (continue reading)

Posted: April 2, 2012

Category: Drummers, Multimedia, Videos
Mike Portnoy Performance From the 2011 Guitar Center Drum-Off Finale

Video of Mike Portnoy playing at Guitar Center’s 2011 Drum-Off finale this past January 14, featuring Billy Sheehan on bass, Tony MacAlpine on guitar, and Derek Sherinian on keys.

Posted: February 15, 2012

Category: Album/Song Reviews, Drummers, Reviews
Dream Theater
A Dramatic Turn of Events

The outrageous and ambitious Mike Mangini boldly announces his arrival on DT’s epic eleventh studio album.

Posted: January 11, 2012

Category: Drummers, News, News and Events
Mike Portnoy Involved in New Supergroup, Flying Colors. Debut CD due soon.

The Mascot Label Group has announced a March 27 release date for the debut from Flying Colors (available the day prior overseas) on their Music Theories Label.

Posted: November 21, 2011

Category: Drummers, On the Beat
Steve Moore, aka the Mad Drummer

My name is Steve Moore, aka the Mad Drummer. Some of you might remember me as “the Drummer at the Wrong Gig??? on YouTube. To say I’ve had the best year of my life would be an understatement!

Posted: October 11, 2011

Category: News, News and Events
Sabian Gives Drummers the Ability to Choose the Brand’s Next Four Cymbal Models

Sabian gives drummers from around the world the ability to choose the brand’s next four cymbals.

Posted: August 3, 2011

Category: News, News and Events
Web Update News 8/11

Find out what your favorite drummer is up to now (Web Update News 7/21/11).

Posted: August 3, 2011

Category: News, News and Events
SABIAN has just announced the launch of a Band & Orchestral curriculum on SABIAN U!

As a result of the tremendous success of SABIAN U, SABIAN has just announced the launch of a Band & Orchestral curriculum. Comprised of 4 brand new courses, the new curriculum is specifically designed for retailers who sell Band & Orchestral instruments…

Posted: July 1, 2011

Category: Drummers, Feature Stories
MD Readers Poll 2011 Results

Welcome once again to the MD Readers Poll, where the greatest drummers on the planet are honored by the most educated drum fans around. Let’s get right to it: the envelope, please….

Posted: May 4, 2011

Category: Drummers, On the Beat
Ryan Shutler of Lazarus A.D.

Hey, MD readers, my name is Ryan Shutler, and I play drums for the metal act Lazarus A.D. I’ve spent the better part of this year touring in support of our new album, Black Rivers Flow.,,,

Posted: May 4, 2011

Category: Drummers, On the Beat
Mike Mangini of Dream Theater

by Mike HaidThe announcement that Modern Drummer Hall of Famer Mike Portnoy had left his longstanding position as the reigning king of prog-metal drumming with Dream Theater sent shockwaves through the drumming community. Who could replace such an iconic figure in such a legendary band? Could this be the end …

Posted: December 6, 2010

David Phillips Modern Drummer Drummer Blog
Category: Drummers, On the Beat
David Phillips: "A Drummer’s Perspective???

Photo by Marc Rouve You can probably guess I dabble a bit on the old drumkit myself, and it is always difficult trying to explain to someone what it looks like sitting on that throne—the best seat in the house. With my images in the book I try to give …

Posted: December 6, 2010

Category: Drummers, On the Beat
David Phillips: “A Drummer’s Perspective???

Photo by Marc Rouve You can probably guess I dabble a bit on the old drumkit myself, and it is always difficult trying to explain to someone what it looks like sitting on that throne—the best seat in the house. With my images in the book I try to give …

Posted: November 15, 2010

Category: Drummers, On the Beat
Ryan Guanzon of New Medicine

What’s up, MD readers! We’re just about ending our UPROAR Festival, and it’s been killer! It’s incredible to be out with so many amazing drummers. I still remember working in a drum shop and watching Mike Portnoy’s drum videos…now I’m onstage watching Mr. Portnoy rip it up with Avenged, Roy …

Posted: June 17, 2010

Category: Drummers, On the Beat
Steve Moore: aka Drummer At The Wrong Gig

Hello, MD readers! My name is Steve Moore, aka “Drummer At The Wrong Gig.??? A few years ago someone shot video of me and uploaded it to YouTube, where it sat idle until last week, when someone renamed it “This Drummer Is At The Wrong Gig.??? In one week, it …

Posted: May 10, 2010

Category: Drummers, On the Beat
Matty Clark of Anchored

Greetings, MD readers! This is Matty Clark, drummer for Texas-based dirty southern rock band Anchored. We’ll be heading out on the road through April and May with Saliva, with plenty more dates to be posted after that….

Posted: February 16, 2010

Category: Drum Gods, Drummers
Dream Theater’s Mike Portnoy

Mike Portnoy is considered one of the finest prog-rock drummers in the history of the genre…

Posted: June 5, 2008

Category: Drummers
Chris “Gartdrumm” Gartmann

The resurgence of progressive rock has opened the door for younger drummers to rediscover the more technically challenging aspects of this classic art rock culture….

Posted: January 16, 2008

Category: Feature Stories
Best Of ’07

I’m convinced that, ten years from now, we’re going to look back at 2007 as an unusually fertile time in music and in drumming.

Posted: August 16, 2007

Category: Drummers, Feature Stories
Mike Portnoy: In Constant “Progressive” Motion

Mike Portnoy may very well be the hardest-working drummer in the business. His recent three-DVD set, In Constant Motion, speaks for itself. The undisputed king of progressive metal never sleeps!

Posted: March 15, 2007

Category: Drummers, Feature Stories
Jason Bittner: Man or Machine?

In the wee morning hours of 2004, Jason Bittner put on his slippers, leashed the hounds, and left his Albany, New York home to pick up the latest issue of Modern Drummer….

Posted: May 12, 2004

Category: Drummers, Feature Stories, Update
John Macaluso

When your first major tour includes a make-believe club date performing for surrealist director David Lynch and actor Nicolas Cage, you know your career has taken an unorthodox turn….

Posted: May 12, 2004

Category: Drummers, Feature Stories
Mike Portnoy—No Longer The New Kid On The Prog-Rock Block

Mike Portnoy is no longer the new kid on the progressive-rock block. The once proclaimed “next Neil Peart” has proven himself many times over to be worthy of acknowledgement. This isn’t so much for the commercial success of his band Dream Theater. Rather, it’s for his consistent progression of new …

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