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October 2013 Issue of Modern Drummer Featuring Mike Portnoy

(on newsstands September 3, 2013) On the Cover Mike Portnoy In his first MD cover story since leaving Dream Theater, the prog-metal icon talks about the infamous split—but makes clear how much he’s digging the bounty of new opportunities coming…

Modern Drummer
Aug 28, 2013

September 2013 Issue of Modern Drummer Featuring Dino Danelli of the Rascals

(on newsstands August 6, 2013) On the Cover Dino Danelli Once upon a time, the Rascals were the coolest, most innovative American rock ’n’ roll band—and they featured the scene’s coolest, most innovative drummer. Today, forty years after their breakup,…

Modern Drummer
Jul 23, 2013

August 2013 Issue of Modern Drummer Featuring Zigaboo Modeliste

(on newsstands July 2, 2013) On the Cover Zigaboo Modeliste MD listens long and hard as the original Meters drummer describes his lifelong love affair with the drums and his highly personal approach to timeless rhythms.   FEATURING UPDATE •…

Modern Drummer
Jun 27, 2013

July 2013 Issue of Modern Drummer featuring Carter Beauford

(on newsstands June 4, 2013) On the Cover Carter Beauford A gentler, more mature Carter Beauford? Well… He might be reining in the notes on record these days, but live, the Dave Matthews Band drummer is still letting it all…

Modern Drummer
Jun 3, 2013

June 2013 Issue of Modern Drummer featuring Joey Waronker

(on newsstands May 7, 2013) On the Cover Joey Waronker Two recent debut releases—Amok by Thom Yorke’s Atoms for Peace and Ultraísta’s self-titled album—provide endless examples of the sinuous electroacoustic grooves of this cutting-edge yet down-to-earth drummer.   FEATURING UPDATE…

Modern Drummer
Apr 30, 2013

The May 2013 Issue of Modern Drummer magazine featuring Aerosmith's Joey Kramer

(on newsstands April 2, 2013) On the Cover JOEY KRAMER He still rages with as much raw rock power as drummers half his age. After all, you don’t survive forty years with Aerosmith by pussyfooting around.   FEATURING UPDATE •…

Modern Drummer
Mar 28, 2013

The April 2013 Issue of Modern Drummer magazine featuring Tommy Igoe

(on newsstands March 5, 2013)   On the Cover TOMMY IGOE It’s simple: Hang with the Broadway and big band vet long enough, and you will become a better drummer. Class is now in session. FEATURING UPDATE • Studio Ace…

Modern Drummer
Mar 4, 2013

The March 2013 Issue of Modern Drummer featuring Lamb of God drumer Chris Adler!

(on newsstands February 5, 2013) On the Cover CHRIS ADLER For Lamb of God’s drummer and his mates, the toughness they built up living hand to mouth early in their career would never come in more handy than during recent…

Modern Drummer
Jan 31, 2013

February 2013 Issue of Modern Drummer featuring the Killers' Ronnie Vannucci!

(on sale January 1, 2013) On the Cover RONNIE VANNUCCI The Killers’ drummer is as likely to erupt with bold and brazen beats as he is to insinuate with sly grooves.   FEATURING UPDATE • The Wallflowers’ JACK IRONS • World…

Modern Drummer
Dec 28, 2012

January 2013 Issue of Modern Drummer featuring Vinnie Colaiuta

(available on newsstands December 4, 2012) On the Cover VINNIE COLAIUTA Vinnie is a lot of things—a lot of superlative things—to a lot of drummers. But he’s always himself. Now, he says, it’s our move.   FEATURING UPDATE • Dispatch’s BRAD CORRIGAN…

Modern Drummer
Nov 28, 2012

December 2012 Issue of Modern Drummer featuring Buddy Rich!

(available on newsstands November 11, 2012) On the Cover BUDDY RICH Twenty-five years after his passing, MD reevaluates the man many still call “the World’s Greatest Drummer.” Jeff Potter tells Buddy’s life story, Steve Fidyk analyzes some classic performances, and Ken Micallef quizzes…

Modern Drummer
Nov 5, 2012

November 2012 Issue of Modern Drummer featuring Levon Helm!

(available on newsstands October 2, 2012) Remembering Levon Helm: The Band’s and Americana’s True Great Spirit Featuring J.J. Johnson and Tyler Greenwell Tedeshi Trucks Band Ralph Molina Crazy Horse Doug Clifford Creedence Clearwater Revival Stephen Belans Update Grace Potter &…

Modern Drummer
Sep 27, 2012

The October 2012 Issue of Modern Drummer featuring The Bad Plus' Dave King

(available on newsstands September 6, 2012) Dave King of The Bad Plus Featuring Dennis Wilson  Setting Sights: Nate Smith Update Adler's Steven Adler The Figgs' Pete Hayes Influences Bernard Purdie What Do You Know About...? Sweet's Mick Tucker Spotlight Drum Channel Education Concepts—Maximize…

Modern Drummer
Aug 27, 2012

The September 2012 Issue of Modern Drummer featuring Travis Barker!

(available on newsstands August 7, 2012) Travis Barker Special Collector's Issue featuring cover illustration by drummer/tattoo artist Corey Miller. Featuring Joel Smith  Corey Miller Update Chris Robinson's George Sluppick Victor Wooten's  J.D. Blair Influences Ringo Starr What Do You Know About...? New…

Modern Drummer
Jul 17, 2012