The September 2012 Issue of Modern Drummer featuring Travis Barker!

(available on newsstands August 7, 2012)

Travis Barker

Special Collector’s Issue featuring cover illustration by drummer/tattoo artist Corey Miller.

Joel Smith 
Corey Miller


  • Chris Robinson’s George Sluppick
  • Victor Wooten’s  J.D. Blair

Ringo Starr

What Do You Know About…?
New Orleans Vet Allyn Robinson

2011 Guitar Center Drum-off Champ J.P. Bouvet


  • Strictly Technique—Polyrhythmic Coordination, Part 2: Three- and Four-Note Base Rhythms
  • Rock ‘N’ Jazz Clinic—Don’t Disturb the Groove!, Part 1: Broken Doubles and Paradiddles
  • Jazz Drummer’s Workshop—Improve Your Bottom Line, Part 1: Bass Drum Comping in 4/4
  • Concepts—Inner Drumming: Listening With All Four Limbs, Part 3
  • Health and Science—Drum Athletes, Part 2: V-Sit and Push-Up Catch

Ask A Pro
Billy Ward, Elvin Jones, John Tempesta

It’s Questionable
Mind Matters

Product Close Up

  • DUNNET CLASSIC DRUMS Titanium Drumset
  • V-CLASSIC Vintage-Inspired Turkish Cymbals
  • OCDP 6 ½ x 14 Brushed Bell Brass Snare
  • SONOR Perfect Balance Bass Drum Pedal
  • CRASH ‘N FLASH Drumset Lighting System

Gearing Up
 Thin Lizzy’s Brian Downey

Shop Talk
Drum Shells A Quick Guide to Understanding Different Wood Types

In Memoriam
Sonny Igoe, Michael Hossack