The October 2012 Issue of Modern Drummer featuring The Bad Plus’ Dave King

(available on newsstands September 6, 2012)

Dave King of The Bad Plus

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October 2012 Issue of Modern Drummer magazine featuring Dave King

Dennis Wilson 
Setting Sights: Nate Smith


  • Adler’s Steven Adler
  • The Figgs’ Pete Hayes

Bernard Purdie

What Do You Know About…?
Sweet’s Mick Tucker

Drum Channel


  • Concepts—Maximize Your Practicing, Get the Most From Whatever Time You Have
  • Strictly Technique—Four and Sevens in 7/8, Part 1: Single Strokes
  • Jazz Drummer’s Workshop—Improve Your Bottom Line, Part 2: Bass Drum Comping in 4/4
  • The Jobbing Drummer—Popular Play-Alongs, Part 2: Pop-Punk
  • Rock ‘N’ Jazz Clinic—Exploring the New Frontier, Moving Beyond Pattern-Based Thinking
  • Health and Science—Drum Athletes, Part 3: Lower-Body Strength Builders and Coordination Exercises

Ask A Pro
Gavin Harrison, Steve Gadd, Juels Thomas

It’s Questionable
Technology Corner
Lyon & Healy Snare

Product Close Up

  • Meinl Byzance Vintage Crashes and Jazz Ride Additions
  • LP Twist Shakers and Jam Tamb
  • Creation Barry Altschul Signature Drumset
  • Brady 8×14 Wandoo Block Snare
  • Gibraltar Turning Point Series Cymbal Stands

Gearing Up
 Mana’s Alex Gonzalez

Collector’s Corner
L and S Dictator Snare Drum

In Memoriam
Buddy Saltzman