June 2013 Issue of Modern Drummer featuring Joey Waronker

(on newsstands May 7, 2013)

On the Cover

Joey Waronker

Two recent debut releases—Amok by Thom Yorke’s Atoms for Peace and Ultraísta’s self-titled album—provide endless examples of the sinuous electroacoustic grooves of this cutting-edge yet down-to-earth drummer.

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June 2013 cover of Modern Drummer magazine featuring Joey Waronker



Daren Pfeifer of Hollywood Undead
Leah Shapiro of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Turning Pro
This month we ask Pro Panelists Todd Sucherman, Dafnis Prieto, and Taku Hirano whether there was a particular moment when they realized they were a professional musician.

Up & Coming Justin Brown
His “thing” might be tough to de ne. But that hasn’t prevented him from becoming an important part of the bands of Christian McBride, Terence Blanchard, and other jazz luminaries.

Encore The Cars
The debut album by one of new wave’s leading lights percolates with pop-drumming brilliance.

Influences Al Jackson Jr.
Few musicians have helped de ne a musical style as much as he did, with hundreds of records released by the legendary soul-music label Stax.

Jean-Paul Gaster
The veteran heavy-rock band Clutch reconvened with the famed producer/engineer Machine for the new album Earth Rocker. MD was invited to stop by the studio and get a firsthand account of what went down. Advertisement

Portraits Pierre van der Linden
The Dutch progressive rock group Focus took America by storm in the ’70s with its wild instrumental hit “Hocus Pocus.” A brand-new album finds the band’s drummer playing as unhinged as ever.

New Drum Gear for 2013
Ten pages packed with the coolest equipment introduced at this year’s Winter NAMM Show.


Strictly Technique
Triplet Gear-Shifter 12-18-24 Exercise, Part 2

In the Pocket
Funk Drumming Training Camp Part 2: More Paradiddles and Musical Bass Drum Pattern

Rock ’n’ Jazz Clinic
Double Bass Fills Overlapping Into the Next Phrase, Part 1

Jazz Drummer’s Workshop
Focus on Brushes From Basic Patterns to Advanced Techniques

In the Studio
Seeing Sounds Part 1: All-Purpose Pop/Rock


• ddrum Reflex RSL Powerhouse Drumset
• T-Cymbals La Pasion Turca, Swing King, and Janissary-X Series
• Evans Level 360 G1 Drumheads
• Ancient Tree 6½ x14 Conquistador Stave-Shell Heartwood Snare
• Boso Natural, Dark, and Strata Bamboo Drumsticks

Jason Aldean’s Rich Redmond


Listen for the Tone by Michael Dawson

Readers’ Platform

Ask a Pro Mike Mangini, Brian Blade

It’s Questionable
• Leedy Professional Snare
• Mind Matters: The Singer Can’t Sing!

Showcase Featuring Drum Market


• GC Drum-O Finals
• Bonzo Bash
• Sabian Live

Kit of the Month Pop Drumming

and more!