August 2013 Issue of <em>Modern Drummer</em> Featuring Zigaboo Modeliste

(on newsstands July 2, 2013)

On the Cover

Zigaboo Modeliste

MD listens long and hard as the original Meters drummer describes his lifelong love affair with the drums and his highly personal approach to timeless rhythms.

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August 2013 Issue of Modern Drummer featuring Zigaboo Modeliste



Joe Rickard of Red
• Folk and rock legend Dave Mattacks

Steve Smith on Narada Michael Walden
The MD Pro Panelist and Vital Information leader explores the many drumming wonders of Mahavishnu Orchestra’s Visions of the Emerald Beyond.

Get the Best
Featuring Mahavishnu Orchestra, Return to Forever, and Weather Report.

Michael Miley
Rival Sons’ drummer is an expert at balancing inspiration and innovation. “I try to get inside the song,” he says, “and let my influences take over.”

Passion and Perseverance
A special MD profile of four drummers who got back in the game.

Up & Coming – The Summer Set’s Jess Bowen
Most of us had to convince our parents that we wanted drums. In her house, it was practically demanded of her to play.

What Do You Know About…? Connie Kay
Was he an utterly genteel swinger—or the quintessential gritty rock ’n’ roller? As it turns out, he was both.


Zig’s Signature Beats

Strictly Technique
Triplet Gear-Shifter 12-18-24 Exercise, Part 2

The Endorsement Game Understanding Product Promotion

Strictly Technique
Playing the Sixes Part 1: Volume and Accent Character

Rock ’n’ Jazz Clinic
Samba Coordination Builder 12 Independence Exercises Based on Chick Corea’s “Sicily”

Rock Perspectives
Double Bass Workout Part 1: 16th-Note, Sextuplet, and 32nd-Note Fills

Jazz Drummer’s Workshop
Stick Control Revisited Drumset Applications

Health & Science
Drum Athletes Part 5: Dynamic and Static Stretches


• Yamaha Live Custom Drumset
• Meinl Byzance Extra Dry Thin Ride and RAPC Bongos
• Taye Specialty Walnut/Mahogany Hybrid and MetalWorks Vintage Brass Snares
• TRX DRK Thunder and BRT Lightning Cymbals
• Warlock Maple Blue Glitter Glass Drumset

Bosnian Rainbows’ Deantoni Parks

Collector’s Corner
Camco 3.5×14 Jazz Series Snare by Harry Cangany

New and Notable


Get Back to Where You Once Belonged by Adam Budofsky

Readers’ Platform

Ask a Pro Jeff Bowders, Liberty DeVitto, Rod Morgenstein

It’s Questionable
• Technology Corner: Hi-Hat Bleed

Showcase Featuring Drum Market

Critique Taking the Reins

• John Densmore’s Book The Doors Unhinged

In Memoriam Robert Zildjian

Kit of the Month Cry Freedom

and more!