Rosewood/Maple Drumsets

Available in multiple sizes and configurations, Mattoon drums feature a maple core with inner and outer plies of santos (Bolivian) rosewood. The shells are finished by hand and appointed with solid-brass lugs that are machined in house. Also offered is a black-lacquered brass snare with custom hand engraving.


IK Multimedia

UNO Drum

The UNO Drum drum machine is said to offer a sonic palette combining fat, punchy analog sounds with digital flexibility. Each kit includes two kicks, a snare, claps, open and closed hihats, two toms, rim click, a cowbell, a ride, and a crash. Each of the twelve touch-sensitive pads has two velocity zones, and the unit includes a sixty-four-step sequencer. UNO Drum comes preloaded with one hundred drum patterns and offers USB and MIDI connectivity via 2.5 mm jacks. List price is $249.99. Check it out at your local dealer or shop now at Sweetwater.




ICON Rack System

All of the components of Pearl’s preconfigured single- and three-sided ICON rack packages have been upgraded to include a rotating support foot. Also, new accessory clamps have been developed for the slip-free square rails and round support pipes. Check it out at your local Pearl dealer or shop now at Sweetwater.


Latin Percussion

E-Class Signature Series Instruments

Emblazoned with a signature E logo, this line pays tribute to the Escovedo family. Timbales are manufactured with 6.5-deep chrome-plated steel shells in 14and 15diameters. The set comes with a heavy-duty, height adjustable stand, a hex-shaped cowbell bracket, sticks, and a tuning wrench. List price is $1,030.99.

E-Class bongos are crafted from Siam oak and topped with 7.25and 8.625rawhide heads. Additional features include Comfort Curve II rims, .3125-diameter tuning lugs, steel backing plates, and cast-aluminum bottoms. List price is $492.99.

The E-Class congas include quinto, conga, and tumba sizes and have 3-ply, 30-tall Siam oak shells with a striped natural/walnut stain finish. Included are .3125tension rods and ProCare shell protectors. List prices are $846.99 for the quinto, $861.99 for the conga, and $892.99 for the tumba. Check them out at your local LP dealer or shop now at Sweetwater.




Powerpad Cymbal Bag

This bag is designed to carry cymbals up to 22″ in its main compartment and hi-hat or effect cymbals up to 15″ in the front pocket. Other features include a protective 20 mm semi-hard cushion with a nylon surface and a padded shoulder strap and handle. The bag is offered in four colors with suede accents. Check it out at your local Tama dealer or shop now at Sweetwater.


Gon Bops

Foot Pedal Stand

Said to be sturdy and portable, the new stand attaches to any standard bass drum pedal and offers a .375″-diameter adjustable post that slides to an exact position to strike cowbells, blocks, tambourines, or other mountable small percussion instruments. Check it out at you local music store or order now from Sweetwater.