To bring more authenticity to his British Invasion tribute band’s live show, Howell, Michigan, drummer Donn Deniston plays this pristine 1960s Ludwig sparkling blue pearl drumset. Deniston explains that because the group specializes in ’60s-era music, each member strives to use period-correct instruments as much as possible. “I use flat-base hardware from the DW 6000 series, which gives the kit a retro look while providing modern features and durability,” he says.

According to Deniston, the toms were made in 1967, while the bass drum was completed in 1968. The drummer finished the setup with a matching 1962 Ludwig snare that he acquired separately. “The drums are in mint condition, with no fade or any of the usual issues that drums of this era have,” Deniston says. “The cymbals are mostly Avedis Zildjians from the 1960s and ’70s, along with a modern Zildjian K Dark crash.” For his throne, Deniston combined a SoundSeat top with a Pearl base, and DrumART provided the band-logo resonant bass drum head.

“This beautiful kit is a blast to play and has that great, recognizable Ludwig bark,” Deniston says. “And it never fails to draw plenty of comments at our gigs. I got really lucky with this one!”

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