XSR Cymbals

New models added to Sabian’s XSR line include 17″ and 19″ Fast crashes, which feature enhanced profiles designed to provide a quick, explosive attack with penetrating definition and power. The 22″ ride offers a balance of stick definition and wash, and it has a midsize bell.


Type-R Series Drums

Available in 5.5″ and 6.5″ depths, Type-R drums feature an American maple shell and ten lugs, which are employed to help shorten the shell’s vibrations for a tighter, sharper sound. The drums also come with the company’s Red Lock system to keep tension rods from loosening while playing.


FireGrain Drumsticks

Constructed using a heat-tempering process, FireGrain hickory sticks are designed to maintain their original weight, balance, and feel while improving durability. Available in eight models, FireGrain drumsticks list for $12.99 per pair.


Eric Singer Signature Snare Drum Heads

Singer’s 14″ 2-ply snare batter head features a black carbon-steel hoop and Attack’s Tone Ridge, which is designed to eliminate unwanted overtones for a fatter sound. The snare-side head is made from single-ply medium film to produce a dark, full sound. The proceeds from the sale of these drumheads will be donated to the Veterans Hospital in Eric Singer’s hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. List prices are $38.25 for the batter head and $35.95 for the snare-side.


Iron Cobra Remote Hi-Hat Stand

In partnership with maountain bike brake-cable manufacturer Jagwire, Tama has introduced a remote hi-hat stand that’s said to offer smooth action, preceision, and flexibility. Features include a Quick-Set hi-hat clutch, a Lever Glide cam, a 90.5″ triple-layered cable, and a six-way tension adjustment system. A universal clamp, carrying bag, and cable holders are included. List price is $583

Protection Racket

Nutcase Drum Cases

Protection Racket’s revamped Nutcases are made of a strong, abrasion-resistant outer fabric and have dense but light 20mm foam cores. The interior is finished with 210-denier nylon to resist tearing. The snare and tom cases are egg-shaped to accommodate snare mechanisms and mounting systems. Eleven sets of Nutcases are available. List prices range from $231.99 to $299.99.

Attack Rack

Drum Rack

Attack Racks are designed to break down quickly while offering strength and durability. Their tubular-steel construction and patented shape transfer force directly to the floor to minimize joint and clamp slippage during performances. A range of powder-coated finishes is available.