Product Close-Up


G Drive Stealth Pedals

Simple, smooth, and powerful options in a sleek black design.

In addition to continuously redefining what can be done with drum racks, Gibraltar has a solid reputation for producing simple, functional, and affordable bass drum pedals. What we have for review this month is a pair of competitively priced G Drive Stealth pedals (single and double) that are designed to provide power, speed, and dependability without breaking the bank. Let’s check them out.

Common Traits

G Drive Stealth pedals feature all-black parts (excluding the chrome cams, bearings, and tension screws). The footboards are Gibraltar’s G-Class design, which are smooth and contoured to make them comfortable and responsive whether you play with or without shoes. The cams are rounded to provide a consistent, quick, and powerful throw. Two chains are employed to increase stability and durability and to nullify side-to-side sway.

The beaters have two usable sides: one with a bare, round hard-plastic surface, and one with a patch of hard felt. The beater height locks into place with memory locks, and the bearings that connect the spring to the axel have three indicator notches to make it easy to recall your preferred beater angle setting. The footboard height is independently adjustable from the beater angle via a drum key–operated screw on the cam.

The baseplate is made of aluminum to increase stability without adding weight, and it includes a drum key holder and retractable spikes that can be engaged to lock the pedal into place. My favorite feature on the G Drive pedals is the large hoop clamp thumbscrew that extends above the right-side pillar (rather than being positioned below the footboard). This makes tightening the pedal to the hoop super-easy and quick.

9811SGD Single Pedal

The G Drive Stealth single pedal is a no-fuss, set-it-and-forget-it option for drummers who don’t want to get bogged down with too many features and functions. Out of the box, it’s preset to a fairly universal setting, with the beater angle and spring tension set in the middle position. I prefer to have as much throw as possible from my pedal, so I moved the beater angle back a notch. At that setting, the spring tension felt a bit tight, so I loosened the spring and lowered the footboard a bit. Now the pedal was dialed in and ready for action.

The G Drive Stealth single pedal had a fast, consistent throw with the same acceleration from start to finish. I’m accustomed to pedals with oblong cams that accelerate quicker as the beater gets closer to the drum. But once I got acclimated, the G Drive Stealth felt completely transparent; it reacted seamlessly with my foot regardless of how fast or loud I played. Quick, clean doubles were just as easy to execute as simple, powerful strokes. The felt beater produced a classic punchy tone, while the plastic side provided a denser sound with increased attack.

9811SGD-DB Double Pedal

The G Drive Stealth double pedal was just as simple and high functioning as the single. The main pedal performed identically to the single-pedal model, and the secondary pedal was easy to dial in to achieve a matching feel. The universal joints on the connecting rod are well made, so there’s no give or lag at the connecting points. This translated into a smooth, quick feel with a strong, fast throw. The footboard has a rubber gripper placed on the underside of the heel plate, which helped keep the pedal from sliding out of position during use. The retractable spikes also improved stability. I don’t use double pedals often, but when I do I don’t want to waste time tweaking too many features and settings. The G Drive Stealth is designed to be a utilitarian double pedal that’s simple and dependable. I like that.

Michael Dawson