Rock Perspectives

Odd Rock, Part II

by David Garibaldi

This is an idea that came from playing the 4/4 bar, and as the bar repeated, I subtracted an eighth note:
Odd Rock Part IIA. Play each pattern separately until each one can be executed correctly (evenness, accents, unaccented notes soft, etc.).B. Play the 7/8 pattern over the 4/4 counting sixteenth notes: l-e-an-a-2-e-an-a-3-e-an-a-4-e-an-a. Do this until you can “hear” the 4/4 pulse within the repeating 7/8 pattern. Should you record this, you’ll hear what sounds like a very syncopated 4/4.C. Play the 3/4 pattern over the 4/4 exactly as you did in B.

D. Play 4/4, 3/4 and 7/8 together to form one phrase (W/2/4 or 21/8). Then play over 4/4.

Discontinue counting out loud when you can hear the 4/4 pulse within the repeating phrase.

Also try adding tom-toms in place of snare drum accents or alternating your feet.