Part 6: Paradiddle Patterns

Double Bass Workout 1For the final lesson in this series we’re going to have some fun with paradiddles, double paradiddles, and paradiddle variations over 16th notes, 16th-note triplets, and 32nd notes. Remember to play to a metronome or click track. Also remember to start off slow and master each exercise before increasing the speed. To take these beats a step further, turn them into two-, three-, or four-bar repeating phrases. And instead of straight 8th notes on the hi-hat, you can also try using quarter notes, 16ths, or combinations of all three.

The bass drum patterns can be played as written, or you can experiment with them by switching the lead foot or by using double strokes. Experiment and have fun!

Double Bass Workout 2

Double Bass Workout 3

Double Bass Workout 4

Double Bass Workout 5


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