Rock Perspectives

More Rock Studies

by David Garibaldi

Rock Perspectives

Remember, in all examples, un-accented snare drum notes are to be played softly. In examples 1-3, you will find this figure:

Rock Perspectives


In the above examples, you’ll notice a distinct difference in the sound of the hi-hat being closed with the foot as opposed to striking it with the stick. These two distinct sounds used with accented and unaccented snare drum/bass drum strokes have a very unique flavor. The metronome markings are merely starting places and can be disregarded. You may find a more comfortable tempo that will suit you individually.

When going through these, you might want to try learning them a beat at a time. Begin with the first beat, then add the second, then the third, etc. One of my teachers in college used to have the stage band (when learning music that was especially difficult) begin on the last bar of the piece, then the last two bars, the last three, etc. This was very helpful and gave a clearer picture of the music. As always the rules of taste and discretion apply. I’m sure that with some thought, you’ll come up with many variations of your own.


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