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Gina Cappella-Grohl

Hello, MD! My name is Gina Cappella-Grohl and I grew up in Devon, England. When I was five years old I remember making up my own shows for my family and friends, and at six years old I told my…

Modern Drummer
Jul 27, 2009

Scarlet Sins’ Elie Bertrand

Hello, Modern Drummers! I’m writing to you live from the T Dot, a.k.a. Toronto. I just came back from a wicked rehearsal. We just finished writing a few songs. I’m so stoked to go into the studio! Second album on…

Modern Drummer
Jun 25, 2009

Petrel's Rebekah Petrel

Hi, MD readers, I’m twenty years old and a singer/songwriter/musician and drummer/keyboard player for Petrel, a rock/pop band my sisters Jessica and Destiny and I started three years ago. Music is my life, and it’s something I know I inherited.…

Modern Drummer
May 15, 2009

Cindy Blackman: The Lady Comes To Play

by Ken Micallef Last year, drumming dynamo Cindy Blackman left behind her big-ticket rock gig with Lenny Kravitz to unleash the jazz devil inside. Her drumming prowess is simply astounding–and is now finally on full display. Serial jazz and rock…

Modern Drummer
Apr 18, 2008

Torry Castellano: The Grip Of Death

Although Donnas drummer Torry Castellano still encourages the idea of being a self-taught musician, she’s quick to admit that she had to learn the hard way that improper technique can cause serious problems. A few years ago after a bout…

Modern Drummer
Jan 25, 2008

Phanie D of Girl In A Coma

Hey, all, I'm Phanie D, drummer for Girl In A Coma. I'm not your typical drummer, I guess. I'm not taught, and to this day I'm still not too familiar with drummer terms. I learned purely because I love it.…

Modern Drummer
Jan 22, 2008

Antigone Rising's Dena Tauriello

These days I do some session work and teaching, but my main gig is with the all-female NYC—based rock band Antigone Rising. I've been with them for over nine years, and it's been an amazing journey. During this time we've…

Modern Drummer
Jan 10, 2008

Lisa Cusack of Boy/Girl

I think one of the greatest challenges for a drummer is to not fall into the "backbeat," even though that is often how people characterize us. "Who is the only member of a band that is not a musician?" "The…

Modern Drummer
Jan 7, 2008

Cora Coleman-Dunham: Rising To The Challenge

For the past two and a half years Cora Coleman-Dunham has been fulfilling her drumming dreams as part of Prince’s latest band–which also includes her husband Joshua Dunham on bass. (The couple has played together since high school.) Cora says…

Modern Drummer
Nov 15, 2007

LA Drummer/Instructor Pamela Manganaro

Hi, MD readers, my name is Pamela Manganaro, and I'm a drummer/teacher in Los Angeles. I'd like to share my experience and hopefully encourage more women to play drums. In 1989 Drum Workshop vice-president John Good asked me if I…

Modern Drummer
Nov 10, 2007