Petrel’s Rebekah Petrel

Rebekah Petrel of Petrel : Modern DrummerHi, MD readers, I’m twenty years old and a singer/songwriter/musician and drummer/keyboard player for Petrel, a rock/pop band my sisters Jessica and Destiny and I started three years ago.

Music is my life, and it’s something I know I inherited. I first started playing piano at the age of five. When I got to fourth grade and had to choose an instrument, I chose the saxophone. My parents, knowing I always had a love for drums, bought me my first drumkit when I was ten years old. The rest is history! LOL

I currently playing a Tama kit with Zildjian cymbals and a DW pedal, and I use Pro-Mark sticks. I also play Roland V-Drums.

I have a love for different genres, and I’m impressed by many drummers–Karen Carpenter, Sheila E, Buddy Rich, Steve Gadd, and Travis Barker, to name only a few. My desire to continue to play comes from a pure love for music.

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