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Faith No More’s Mike Bordin Discusses Sol Invictus and His Hard-Hitting Playing Style

Photo: Ross Halfin by David Jarnstrom Any respectable list of the hardest-hitting drummers of all time simply must place Mike Bordin at or near the very top. Even at fifty-two years of age, the dude is an absolute warrior—an imposing…

Modern Drummer
Sep 22, 2015

Nate Morton Web Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Diary

Due to deadlines, Nate Morton wasn’t able to complete his behind-the-scenes journal about his unique job drumming on the hit television talent show The Voice before his cover story was published in the June 2014 issue of Modern Drummer. Here’s…

Modern Drummer
Apr 29, 2014

Web Exclusive! Mark Guiliana’s Beat Music

photo by Deneka Peniston   by RJ Johnson   Mark Guiliana may be best known for his work as a sideman with jazz musicians such as Avishai Cohen and Brad Mehldau, but the drummer has been increasingly involved with his…

Modern Drummer
May 16, 2013

Vinny Appice: Leaving His Mark

May 2012 cover star Vinny Appice is a true rock ’n’ roll journeyman—identifiable not by his work with one particular band but by his flawless contributions to a long list of hard-rock luminaries. In this Web-exclusive supplement to his print…

Modern Drummer
Mar 19, 2012

Jimmy Bralower: Web Exclusive

by Billy Amendola “Jimmy Bralower pioneered the trail of what we programmers were to become—co-creators connecting the artist with technology, while retaining the musicality and expressiveness with what the future tools of creativity offered to us. Those who worked with…

Modern Drummer
Dec 17, 2010

Charley Drayton: The All-Around Natural

By the time he was five, Charley Drayton knew exactly what he wanted to do in life. Born in Brooklyn, New York, into a successful musical family, Charley spent his childhood watching his dad, Bernard, work in recording studios. “I’d…

Modern Drummer
Sep 14, 2010

Steve Jordan: Web Exclusive

  (from the October 2010 Issue) by Michael Dawson If you ask Steve Jordan who his favorite drummer is, be prepared to get hit with a never-ending list of influences, ranging from the obvious—like jazz greats Kenny Clarke and Philly…

Modern Drummer
Aug 25, 2010

Jack Bruno: Staying Power

Story and Photos by Sayre Berman Relationships these days are tough—for whatever the reason that sense of commitment of "I'm in this for the long haul" just doesn't seem to be there as much as it used to be. So…

Modern Drummer
May 1, 2009

Web Exclusive Interview: Britney Spears' Chris Bailey

Story and photos by Sayre Berman Chris Bailey was born in Sheffield, England, on January 5, 1974, and has been surrounded by music his whole life. His dad played guitar and his mom sang, and early on Chris discovered he…

Modern Drummer
Mar 1, 2009

Robert Wyatt: 2007 Web Exclusive Interview

by Adam Budofsky Since leaving the groundbreaking British psychedelic band Soft Machine in 1971, Robert Wyatt has released a succession of remarkable solo albums filled with artfulness and surprise. His latest, Comicopera, is a worldly, three-part meditation on modern profundities.…

Modern Drummer
Nov 1, 2007

Web Exclusive Interview: Ringo Starr

At an age where most would be settling back and reaping the rewards of their major accomplishments in life, Richard Starkey, better known to the world as Ringo Starr, is not even thinking about slowing down. In fact, he's exactly…

Modern Drummer
Jul 19, 2005