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Simon Phillips

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December 2020:
December 2020 Vol 44 No 12
Simon Phillips
Simon Phillips By Alex Solca

Showbiz history is dotted with “triple-threat” performers who were top-flight actors

December 2020:
December 2020 Vol 44 No 12
Simon Phillips
Simon Phillips By Alex Solca

“Not from Here” is one of the songs on a DVD/download titled The Gannin Arnold Project that Drum Channel produced featuring Gannin Arnold, Tim Landers, and Billy Mohler, along with five guest drummers: Taylor Hawkins, Jimmy Chamberlin, Terry Bozzio, Gary Novak, and Simon Phillips. All of the drummers played this …

April 2019:
Protocol's Simon Phillips
Simon Phillips

While in Los Angeles, Simon Phillips uses this Tama Star kit, which is one of three setups he keeps in rotation.

November 2018:
8 Reasons to Love Whitesnake

Whitesnake formed soon after the dissolution of the Mark IV lineup of Deep Purple, when singer David Coverdale combined his love of blues, rock, heavy metal, funk, and soul into a blustery amalgam of white-hot riffs and soaring vocal pyrotechnics.

July 2018:
What’s Your Favorite Simon Phillips Performance?

This month we check in with Simon Phillips, the U.K. jazz, fusion, and rock monster and former Toto drummer, who’s on the road in support of his latest solo project, Protocol 4. To find out which performances from the versatile master’s extensive catalog are most celebrated among the drumming community, …

July 2014:
Being The New Guy

Your abilities will never be more scrutinized than after you’ve accepted a job to replace a drummer whose playing helped define the sound of a popular band.

July 2016:
Catching Up With…Simon Phillips
Simon Phillips

Catching Up With…Simon Phillips photo by Billie Rainbird Life after Toto is no walk in the park for this drummer—it’s more like an all-out sprint, with plenty of deep grooves and technical wizardry to go around.   With the release of Spark, Japanese keyboard phenom Hiromi once again proves that …

October 2016:
Great ’80s Drum Performances, Part 1
The Police

The era known as the ’80s, roughly the period between the dawn of punk and rap in the late ’70s and the rise of indie rock and hair metal in the middle of the next decade, was a time of great change in pop culture.

July 2008:
July 2008 – Volume 32 • Number 7

Brian Blade, Lenny White, Ringo Starr, Wuv, Roy Burns, Buddy Miles, Simon Phillips, Brian Reitzell, Ryan MacMillan, Chad Szeliga, Rexsell Hardy Jr., Chris “Gartdrumm” Gartmann

December 2005:
December 2005 – Volume 29 • Number 12

Rodney Holmes, Carter Beauford, Josh Eppard, Elvin Jones, Rick Latham, Chris Parker, Eric Singer, Ray Marchica, Franklin Vanderbilt Jr., Jason Boesel, Brandon Barnes, Matt Walker, Baby Dodds, Bill Stewart, Antonio Sanchez, Simon Phillips

June 2005:
June 2005 – Volume 29 • Number 6

Jon Theodore, Carl Palmer, Larry Mullen Jr., Keith Harris, Daniel Adair, Jim Capaldi, Spencer Dryden, Keith Knudsen, Frank Zummo, Jon Christensen, Patrick Seacor, Winard Harper, David McClain, George Grantham, Scott Travis, Max Roach, John Tempesta, Simon Phillips, Thomas Lang

February 2005:
February 2005 – Volume 29 • Number 2

Matt Sorum, Ben Riley, Ryan Dusick, Kenney Jones, Jerry Gaskill, Kenny Buttrey, Kenneth Schalk, Dave Weckl, Scott Phillips, Tommy Clufetos, Jack Mouse, Jeremy Taggart, Terreon Gully, Simon Phillips, Jim Keltner

March 2004:
March 2004 – Volume 28 • Number 3

John Otto, Ron Spagnardi, Terry Bozzio, Bill Bruford, Simon Phillips, Carter Beauford, Chad Cromwell, Tim Alexander, Josh Freese, Steve Smith, Stephen Perkins, Gary Husband, Gordon Heckaman, Jason Bittner, Martin Atkins, Tony Thompson, Thomas Lang, Matt Sorum, Abe Laboriel Jr.

February 2004:
February 2004 – Volume 28 • Number 2

Travis Barker, Ed Shaughnessy, Chris Hesse, Lars Ulrich, Randy Jones, Danny Carey, Tommy Stewart, Kevin Miller, Robin Diaz, Larry Fratangelo, Steve Smith, Simon Phillips, Mike Mangini

November 2003:
November 2003 – Volume 27 • Number 11

David Garibaldi, John Bonham, Sam Loeffler, Derico Watson, Mike Cosgrove, Dustin Hengst, Pete Best, Blair Sinta, Craig “Clune” McClune, Robert Jospé, Simon Phillips, Antonio Sanchez, Derek Roddy, Brad Hargreaves

May 2003:
May 2003 – Volume 27 • Number 5

Steve Smith, Terry Bozzio, Simon Phillips, Gregg Bissonette, Louie Bellson, Dave Weckl, John Dolmayan, Bill Bruford, Thomas Lang, Tommy Aldridge, Mike Mangini, Horacio Hernandez, David Garibaldi, Virgil Donati, Carl Palmer, Paul Doucette, Gavin Harrison, George Rebelo, Duduka Da Fonseca, Jim Keltner, Terry Santiel, Walfredo Reyes Jr.

October 2002:
October 2002 – Volume 26 • Number 10

Mike Bordin, Simon Phillips, Billy Cobham, Jerry Marotta, Peter Erskine, Carmine Appice, Ed Thigpen, Jeff Hamilton, Kenneth Schalk, Paul John Jr., Adrian Passarelli, Lynn Coulter, Grant Collins, Jose Pasillas, Danny Carey, Kenny Aronoff, Billy Kilson

March 2002:
March 2002 – Volume 26 • Number 3

Scott Phillips, Virgil Donati, Simon Phillips, Leon Parker, Danny Carey, Ryan Vikedal, Billy Ashbaugh, Dave Dunseath, Brian Tichy, Adam Pedretti, Matt Abts, Karsh Kale, Jon Wysocki, Gary Novak, John Blackwell, Bobby Rondinelli

January 2001:
January 2001 – Volume 25 • Number 1

Tré Cool, Wuv, Nicko McBrain, Dave Krusen, Phil Ehart, Trey Gray, Steve Gadd, Joe Morello, Rod Morgenstein, Peter Erskine, Neil Peart, Mel Lewis, Roy Burns, Mark Parsons, Rick Van Horn, Tony Williams, Buddy Rich, John Bonham, Tito Puente, Alan Dawson, Gary Chester, Eric Carr, Larrie Londin, Art Blakey, Philly Joe …

June 2000:
June 2000 – Volume 24 • Number 6

Akira Jimbo, Simon Phillips, Airto, Mark Schulman, Billy Ashbaugh, William Bryant, Ivan Hampden, Marvin Hammett, Frank Beard, Joel Rosenblatt, Barry “Frosty” Smith, Bill Stevenson, Dmitri Tsvetkov, Steve Alexander, Russ McKinnon, Mark Zonder

May 1999:
May 1999 – Volume 23 • Number 5

Gary Novak, Raymond Herrera, Marco Minnemann, Stanton Moore, Denise Fraser, Marty Richards, Butch, Peter Lockett, Louie Bellson, Simon Phillips, Steve Smith, Vinnie Paul

November 1997:
November 1997 – Volume 21 • Number 11

Kenny Aronoff, Matt Cameron, Bordin, Stephen Perkins, Chris Vrenna, Tim “Herb” Alexander, Josh Freese, Louie Weaver, Steven Drozd, Alexis Fleisig, Mike Musburger, Dale Crover, Barrett Martin, Brian Reitzell, Dan Peters, J. Mascis, Carl Allen, Jeremy Taggart, Ray Marchica, Michael Urbano, Mark Zonder, Chuck Silverman, Eric Kretz, Mike Bordin, Charlie Cooley, …

March 1997:
March 1997 – Volume 21 • Number 3

Phil Collins, John Freese, George Pendergast, Jeff Potter, Alex Gonzalez, Mat Walker, Roy “Future Man” Wooten, Alphonse Mouzon, Dane Clark, Dave Abbruzzese, Simon Phillips, Joe Morello

October 1996:
October 1996 – Volume 20 • Number 10

Carter Beauford, Jim “Soni” Sonefeld, Elvin Jones, Omar Hakim, Tim Alexander, Trilok Gurtu, Dave Lombardo, Sheila E., Peter Michael Escovedo, Walfredo Reyes, Jr., Narada Michael Walden, Jonny Cragg, Eric Kamau Gravatt, Levon Helm, Ciarlante, Yuval Gabay, Billy Mintz, Chet McCracken, Eddie Bayers, Max Weinberg, Simon Phillips

February 1996:
February 1996 – Volume 20 • Number 2

In this Issue: Simon Phillips, Herman Matthews, Jack Sperling

October 1994:
October 1994 – Volume 18 • Number 10

In this Issue: Aaron Comess. Bob Moses, Simon Phillips, John “J.R.” Robinson, Rod Morgenstein, Marvin ” Smitty” Smith, David Garibaldi, Chad Smith, Clayton Cameron, Matt Sorum

December 1986:
December 1986 – Volume 10 • Number 12

Simon Phillips, Dave Holland, Remo Belli, Joe Franco, Cozy Powell, James Stroud, Graham Lear, Frank Parker, Nick Vincent, Doug Zagorski, Richie Morales, Neil Peart

March 1986:
March 1986 – Volume 10 • Number 3

Jerry Marotta, Buddy Williams, Manny Elias, Marvin Smith, Chris Brady, Steve Ferrone, Simon Phillips, Terry Bozzio, Joe Franco, Bernard Purdie

November 1985:
November 1985 – Volume 9 • Number 11

Bernard Purdie, Bobby Chouinard, Ed Soph, Gary Chester, Nick Ceroli, Ron Krasinski, Henry Adler, Simon Phillips, Phil Collins, David Garibaldi

September 1984:
September 1984 – Volume 8 • Number 9

Art Blakey, Carmine Appice, Arthur Press, Jonathan Moffett, Joey Franco, Alex Van Halen, Steve Smith, Simon Phillips, Eric Carr, Neil Peart

July 1984:
July 1984 – Volume 8 • Number 7

John Bonham, Phil Ehart, Rashied Ali, Louis Hayes, Mel Lewis, Simon Phillips, Carmine Appice, Frankie Banali, Steve Smith

June 1984:
June 1984 – Volume 8 • Number 6

Tony Williams, Tris Imboden, Willie Wilcox, Dino Danelli, Simon Phillips, Bev Bevan, Elvin Jones, Gregg Bissonette, Terry Bozzio, Russ Kunkel

April 1983:
April 1983 – Volume 7 • Number 4

Jack DeJohnette, Artimus Pyle, Gary Chester, Joe Jackson, Simon Phillips, Carl Palmer, Bill Bruford, Russ Kunkel, Sheila Escovedo, Paul Humphrey

March 1983:
March 1983 – Volume 7 • Number 3

Kenney Jones, John Marshall, Kenny Clare, Ginger Baker, Graham Lear, Pete Best, Hal Blaine, Dennis DeLucia, Carmine Appice, Ron Tutt, Simon Phillips

June 1981:
June 1981 – Volume 5 • Number 4

Simon Phillips, Steve Smith, Collin Walcott, Carmine Appice, Roberto Petaccia, Charli Persip, David Samuels, John Robinson, Liberty DeVitto, Mel Brown

Posted: December 11, 2020

Category: News
Chemical Reactions – Album by Gavin Harrison & Antoine Fafard – Review – 12/11/20

Review by Rob Coen Chemical Reactions – Album by Gavin Harrison & Antoine Fafard Chemical Reactions – Released on Dec 11, 2020 – The latest Prog-Fusion meets orchestral music collaboration between Antoine Fafard and Gavin Harrison, UK virtuoso musicians. Add Jerry Goodman on acoustic and electric Violin, and the orchestral …

Posted: September 5, 2020

Franie Banali
Category: News
Remembering Quiet Riot Drummer Frankie Banali

“My passion in continuing Quiet Riot has everything to do with the fact that drumming is what I’ve always wanted to do,” Quiet Riot’s Frankie Banali told Modern Drummer in a 2015 interview. “I worked very hard and struggled a lot to get to the point that we did with …

Posted: November 12, 2019

Category: On the Beat
Scotty Zwang of Ghost Light

I was given a drumkit for my eighth birthday and since that time I have dreamed of being on the cover of Modern Drummer.

Posted: December 3, 2018

Percussive Nation
Category: Clinics and Events, News, News and Events
Mike Portnoy's Percussive Nation 2019 Music Camp

Mike Portnoy’s Percussive Nation Music Camp 2019.

Posted: May 31, 2016

2016 Gear of the Year Issue Modern Drummer magazine
Category: Drummers, Featured, Issues, News, News and Events
July Modern Drummer magazine 2016 Gear of the Year Issue

See what’s in the July Modern Drummer magazine 2016 Gear of the Year Issue.

Posted: May 31, 2016

Category: Drummers, Featured, Issues, News, News and Events
July Modern Drummer magazine 2016 Gear of the Year Issue

See what’s in the July Modern Drummer magazine 2016 Gear of the Year Issue.

Posted: April 13, 2016

Category: Clinics and Events, News, News and Events
News: Dave Weckl, Sonny Emory, Harvey Mason, and Will Kennedy to Judge Online Competition

Grammy-winning guitarist/producer Lee Ritenour will host the biennial Six String Theory Competition for the fifth time with applications accepted in guitar, bass, piano/keyboards, and drums. Registration is open until May 15, 2016 on the website by submitting two YouTube videos….

Posted: March 1, 2016

Category: Clinics and Events, News, News and Events
News: Study With World-Class Players at Rhythm Retreat Spring 2016

Rhythm Retreat 2016 takes place April 3-8 and April 17-22 in Skaneatles, NY, and is presented by legends and new voices at the forefront of modern drumming….

Posted: January 29, 2016

Category: Drummers, On the Beat
On the Beat With Nick Cesarz of Vinyl Theatre: Talks Tour Challenges and Debut Album

Hey, MD readers! My name is Nick Cesarz and I play drums in Vinyl Theatre. We’re an alternative rock group based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin….

Posted: November 2, 2015

Category: Feature Stories
Dom Famularo’s Teachers List

Over the course of his forty-year career traveling the globe to teach, perform, and conduct clinics, Dom Famularo has interacted with some of the finest drummers and drum instructors in the world. The following list contains many of those names, organized by country/continent. If you’re looking for top-notch drum instruction, …

Posted: February 25, 2015

Category: Multimedia, News, News and Events, Videos
Whiplash Bonus Clip: Star Drummers on Music Education

Here’s a clip from Timekeepers where Chad Smith, Kenny Aronoff, and Ryan Brown reflect on their drumming education….

Posted: May 30, 2014

Category: Feature Stories, Multimedia, Spotify Playlists
July 2014 Spotify Playlist

Want to hear music from the artists featured in the July 2014 issue of Modern Drummer? We’ve got you covered. Our July 2014 Spotify Playlist includes some fantastic tracks, including several cool covers….

Posted: May 28, 2014

Category: Drummers, Issues, News, News and Events
July 2014 Issue of Modern Drummer Featuring Omar Hakim

See what’s in the July 2014 issue of Modern Drummer magazine featuring Omar Hakim…

Posted: April 3, 2014

Category: Feature Stories, Multimedia, Spotify Playlists
May 2014 Spotify Playlist

Welcome to the Spotify Playlist for the May 2014 issue of Modern Drummer magazine….

Posted: April 1, 2014

Category: News, News and Events
Lee Ritenour Announces All-Star Judges For 4th Bi-Annual Six String Theory Competition

Legendary GRAMMY® winning guitarist/producer Lee Ritenour has announced the stellar list of musicians assembled as judges for the 4th Bi-Annual Six String Theory Competition.

Posted: January 2, 2014

Category: Drummers, Issues, News, News and Events
February 2014 Issue of Modern Drummer Featuring Marky Ramone

See what’s in the February 2014 issue of Modern Drummer magazine featuring Marky Ramone!

Posted: November 5, 2013

Category: DVD/Video Reviews, Drummers, Reviews
The Drummer’s Bible
by Mick Berry
and Jason Gianni

With a subtitle like How To Play Every Drum Style From Afro-Cuban To Zydeco, you might want to check this one out.

Posted: November 1, 2013

Category: Drummers, Issues, News, News and Events
December 2013 Issue of Modern Drummer Featuring George “Spanky” McCurdy

(on newsstands November 5, 2013) On the Cover George “Spanky” McCurdy “I’m always aware of what the fans need and what the artist is trying to do. If I’m coming in, it’s time to go higher, time to upgrade.” Lady Gaga’s drummer doesn’t mince words—but why be shy when you’ve …

Posted: September 3, 2013

Category: Drummers, Feature Stories, News and Events
Steve Hackett Re-Revisits Genesis

The bandleader and longtime guitarist with the legendary British band discusses the great drummers he’s played with, as well as his latest release, Genesis Revisited II….

Posted: August 14, 2013

Category: Drummers, News, News and Events
Anton Fig Signs With Evans and PureSound

Longtime Late Show With David Letterman drummer Anton Fig recently joined the artist rosters for Evans drumheads and PureSound accessories. Fig has appeared on the nightly CBS program since 1986, and during this tenure he has played with dozens of renowned artists, including Miles Davis, James Brown, Bruce Springsteen, Steve …

Posted: July 18, 2013

Category: Feature Stories, Lessons, MD Education Team
MD Education Team Weighs In On: Tuning (UPDATED)

We asked the members of the MD Education Team to share their thoughts on how they prefer to tune their drums. Here’s what they had to say….

Posted: March 22, 2013

Category: Feature Stories, Lessons, MD Education Team
MD Education Team Weighs In On: Ergonomics

Click here to check out what the MD Education Team members have to say about setting up your drumset for maximum results….

Posted: August 28, 2012

Category: Album/Song Reviews, Drummers, Reviews
Roxy Music
The Complete Studio Recordings

Roxy Music covered much ground in their relatively short life span. A new box set reveals the power and the glory of the prog/glam progenitors, and of drummer Paul Thompson.

Posted: July 23, 2012

Category: Feature Stories

Odd times, intergalactic themes, and more tom-toms. Rock drumming gets interesting….

Posted: March 21, 2012

Category: News, News and Events
Zildjian Launches Drummer Love Europe

On the heels of its highly successful US Drummer Love contest, Zildjian has decided to launch Drummer Love Europe, bringing the event to the U.K., Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, and Russia. The contest runs from April 2 through July and includes video submission, voting, and tour components. Ultimately, six lucky …

Posted: March 6, 2012

Category: Back Through the Stack, Drummers, Feature Stories
Back Through The Stack:
Simon Phillips, December 1986

This is an excerpt of an article that originally ran in the December1986 issue of Modern Drummer magazine.

Posted: October 28, 2011

Category: DVD/Video Reviews, Drummers, Reviews
Gannin Arnold Project
5 World Class Drummers

Fusion guitarist Gannin Arnold assembles five badass stickmen to wail on his Jeff Beck-inspired material.

Posted: September 6, 2011

Category: Drummers, On the Beat
Kevin Fitzgerald of 400 Blows

When I joined 400 Blows, I was playing with both Circle Jerks and Eleni Mandell, which are wildly divergent musical entities, to say the least…

Posted: September 2, 2011

Category: Book Review, Drummers, Reviews
Double Bass Drum Freddom
by Virgil Donati

Donati’s advanced concepts open the rhythmic palette to an endless world of possibilities for the inspired student.

Posted: September 1, 2011

Category: News, News and Events
Web Update News

The latest and greatest news from the drumming industry. This edition features updates on Chad Sexton, John Tempesta, Jon Wysocki, Will Hunt, Brian Young and more.

Posted: July 1, 2011

Category: Drummers, Feature Stories
MD Readers Poll 2011 Results

Welcome once again to the MD Readers Poll, where the greatest drummers on the planet are honored by the most educated drum fans around. Let’s get right to it: the envelope, please….

Posted: October 26, 2010

Category: Drummers, The Greats
John Tempesta: Heavy With Testament, Zombie, And Beyond

John Tempesta has worked his way to the top of heavy metal drumming, but his first inspirations and influences to pursue the instrument came via Ringo Starr in the Beatles film A Hard Day’s Night and Dennis Davis supporting David Bowie at Madison Square Garden in 1977. John bought a …

Posted: June 3, 2010

Category: Drummers, The Greats
Simon Phillips: The Drummer As Perfectionist

Phillips’ rise in status from solid sideman to world-class player was largely based on his astonishing ability to play advanced ride patterns with either hand. Simon’s technique ushered in a new era of drumming, where the technical abilities of drummers were now evolving at the same rate as their musical …

Posted: March 22, 2010

Category: Drummers, Feature Stories
Eric Singer: Just Being Himself

For eighteen years, Kiss’s drummer has helped his world-famous band stay in our hearts and on the radio by doing what he does best—being himself. In this special online extra from his May 2010 MD cover story, we begin by asking Eric about…The Band’s Younger Fans. In 2004 we did …

Posted: January 12, 2009

Category: Feature Stories, What We're Listening To
Great Drum Parts = GENIUS

The March issue of MD (out now) features Billy Ward’s fascinating conversation with Simon Phillips, Doane Perry, Marco Minnemann, Thomas Lang, and Jerry Marotta about the grooves that inspired them to play drums early on, and that continue to today. It seemed to make perfect sense for MD’s editors to …

Posted: June 13, 2008

Category: Drummers, On the Beat
Ty Dennis

This past April I wrapped up another tour, this time through South America with Doors guitarist Robby Krieger and keyboard player Ray Manzarek….

Posted: May 20, 2008

Category: Drummers, Feature Stories
Simon Phillips

Drumming legend Simon Phillips will simply not slow down, and his star-studded drumming career continues to grow and evolve.

Posted: April 17, 2007

Category: Drummers, Feature Stories
Marco Minnemann: Beyond Chops

A new breed of drummer has emerged over the past decade. This elite group of international super-drummers has changed the face of drumming and raised the bar on speed, ambidextrous technique, soloing, stick tricks, multi-pedal coordination, and independence to levels that seem unimaginable to most drummers….

Posted: July 20, 2005

Category: Drummers, Feature Stories
Tony Thompson

Not many drummers dictated the sound of the 80’s like Tony Thompson. That big, huge drum sound was everywhere: on classic recordings like Power Station’s “Some Like It Hot,” David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance,” Madonna’s “Like A Virgin,” Robert Palmer’s “Addicted To Love,” the list goes on.

Posted: July 19, 2005

Category: Drummers, Feature Stories
David Northrup

Growing up on a mix of R&B, pop, rock, and country, David Northrup, originally from Syracuse New York, moved south in the early ’90s playing sessions and gigging the Florida club scene. One of those gigs led him to meeting and working with ace session guitarist Les Dudek…

Posted: May 19, 2005

Category: Drummers, Feature Stories
Daniel Reyes

In between those gigs he’ll squeeze in a performance with Ricky Martin, Stevie Nicks, or Jennifer Lopez, among other top acts. But Danny’s brain is always thinking: How do I make my playing better? Equally important to him these days: How do I make the instruments I play better? Enter …

Posted: May 12, 2004

Category: Drummers, Feature Stories, Update
Ted Kirkpatrick of Tourniquet

“We call ourselves ‘Christians who play music,'” says drummer Ted Kirkpatrick, mastermind behind the highly successful Christian metal band Tourniquet….

Posted: May 12, 2004

Category: Drummers, Feature Stories
Simon Phillips & Virgil Donati

Who better to produce and record the current king of progressive fusion drumming than one of the greatest double bass fusion drummers in history, someone who is also an experienced and proven recording engineer and producer? The idea made so much sense it was scary. So the date was set. …

Posted: February 6, 2021

Category: The Modern Drummer Podcast
Modern Drummer Pop-Up Podcast 2/6/21 – Featuring Dave Weckl & Rob Silverman Drumology

In this episode Billy Amendola & David Frangioni interview Dave Weckl & Rob Silverman from Drumology. Dave talks about his online drum school http://www.daveweckl.com and his upcoming record release in April on his new label – Autumn Hill Records. Rob discusses the Drumology album featuring drum duet tracks with Simon …

Posted: June 29, 2018

Modern Drummer Podcast with Mike and Mike
Category: Mike and Mike Podcast, Multimedia, Podcasts
Episode 149: Simon Phillips, “Do I Need a Fallback Plan?”, Soundbrenner Pulse Metronome, and More

In this episode Mike and Mike discuss legendary pop, jazz, fusion drummer Simon Phillips. The education segment focuses on an article in the July 2018 issue by Russ Miller, titled “Do I Need a Fallback Plan?”.