Here is an idea for use in either fills or soloing. The study is based on the following five-note pattern:

Five-Note Fill/Solo 1

The five-note pattern, when played as consecutive triplets or 16th notes in 4/4 time, comes back to where it began (on beat 1) after five full bars of 4/4. The initial time pattern is to be played before each bar or combination of bars. Another way to practice these exercises is to play three bars of the time pattern and then any one of the five-note pattern measures. Next, try playing two bars of the time pattern and then two bars of the five-note pattern (choosing any two-bar combination).

Measures A through E can be played as one long five-bar phrase. The same can be done with bars F through J, or combine all ten bars in any order you choose. Be sure to pay attention to the accented notes and follow the sticking patterns shown. The left- foot hi-hat part plays straight quarters in each five-note pattern measure.

Five-Note Fill/Solo 2

Five-Note Fill/Solo 3

Five-Note Fill/Solo 4

Five-Note Fill/Solo 5