Latin Rock Patterns 1

In this article I’ll deal with a technique popularized by Steve Gadd, that incorporates Latin rhythms with contemporary drumset patterns.

First, we’ll look at the cowbell rhythm used most often by Steve, in comparison to the more frequently played cowbell rhythm.

Gadd cowbell rhythm. (Played with right hand.)

Latin Rock Patterns 2

Most common rhythm.

Latin Rock Patterns 3

In many of Steve Gadd’s cowbell patterns this basic rhythm is used, but often it’s disguised by the placement of his left hand and accents. The following patterns are combination parts of these cowbell rhythms and other Latin rhythms.

Latin Rock Patterns 4

Latin Rock Patterns 5

Notice in the following pattern the same basic rhythm found in Ex. 3.

Latin Rock Patterns 6

Next, let’s look at the samba pattern most often used by Gadd.

Latin Rock Patterns 7

The following samba patterns are also very effective.

Latin Rock Patterns 8