Mesh-Head Electronic Drumkit

This full-sized five-piece electronic drumkit offers a 10″ dual-zone, dual-ply snare; three 8″ dual-ply toms; a 10″ crash with choke capabilities; a 12″ ride cymbal; and a 10″ hi-hat pad with a pedal. The kick trigger includes a built-in pedal with a no-slip grip. Additional features include Simmons’ Variable Attack Response intelligent sample playback, round-robin alternating samples for the snare and ride, and 352 sounds in fifty kits. Sixty play-along songs are included. The sound module can also connect to a computer via USB. List price is $549.99.


A Custom 25th Anniversary Ride

To commemorate the A Custom series’ twenty-fifth year of production, Zildjian is offering a limited-edition 23″ ride cymbal. Each of these bright, cutting cymbals is numbered and is personally signed by company president Craigie Zildjian. The ride comes in a special cymbal box that includes a certificate of authenticity. Only 1,000 are being made, and the list price is $699.95.


SPD-SX Special Edition Sampling Pad

The Special Edition SPD-SX supports real-time capture via a Multi-Pad Sampling function, stores up to 16GB of samples, provides up to fifty hours of mono sample storage, and can be used as a MIDI pad controller. The included Ableton Live Lite software offers a powerful production and sample creation setup. Roland’s Wave Manager software allows users to import audio files into the SPD-SX and assign samples to different pads from a computer.

Sound Percussion Labs

Baja Drumset Timbale

This drum, which is designed to be ideal for Afro-Cuban styles, features a black-chrome-finished steel shell, a matching rim, and a heavy-duty steel side mount that’s compatible with most stands via an interchangeable threaded eyebolt. SPL also offers two adjustable L-rod ball mounts.


Star Solid Curly Maple Snare Drum

The limited-edition 6.5×14 Solid Curly Maple snare is built from a single-ply, 8mm shell and offers a bright and open sound. The drum is said to have a light and comfortable response.


Tollspire Chimes

This set of five conically shaped micro-splashes, sized in quarter-inch increments from 4.75″ to 5.75″, are crafted from B20 bronze. While not tuned to specific notes, the chimes provide melodic movement utilizing differences in pitch and size. Tollspire chimes include a mini-tree mount with a universal multi-clamp to fit most cymbal and percussion stands.