"Hello—this is Ginger Baker. I'm calling to say goodbye ..." This sounded final and gloomy. Did it mean that the Four Minute warning had been given, or was Ginger, most celebrated rock drummer of the age, about to flee the country? Mercifully, for those of us without fallout shelters, the latter was true. But the news still came as a shock and mystery. Why was Ginger quitting the country where he had been feted as a legend? A meeting had to be arranged. There literally wasn't much time. Within a couple of days, Ginger would be on the road heading for a secret destination in Europe, where he intended to shelter from the blows of fate, and hopefully carve out a new career, and a new life. The past couple of years have seen Ginger's personal affairs lurch from crisis to crisis. He broke up with his wife, got into a financia