March 1983 – Volume 7 • Number 3


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Articles in March 1983

Graham Lear: "Head, Hands & Feet"

Graham Lear: "Head, Hands & Feet" From the album Moonflower by Santana (Columbia C2-34914)

Transcribed by Tim Smith
Nov 16, 2017

Jack Sperling

Jack Sperling's experience with big bands, combos, show and studio conductors, network staff groups and as back-up drummer for star performers would be difficult to match—and this shows no sign of letting up. Yet, except for a few product endorsements,…

by Tracy Borst
Nov 16, 2017

Self-Appointed Authorities Can Be Dangerous To Your Health

According to Webster's Dictionary, an authority is "a person with much knowledge or experience in some field, whose opinion is hence reliable: an expert." Unfortunately, many so-called authorities are "self-appointed." They want to be authorities, but they lack the training,…

by Roy Burns
Nov 16, 2017

Pete Best: Silver Beatle

Unless you happened to be in Hamburg, Germany, or Liverpool, England between the years of 1960 and 1962, you would not have seen the Beatles' original drummer, Pete Best. By the time the Beatles had captured the attention of the…

by Robyn Flans
Nov 16, 2017

Ginger Baker — Alive And Well

  "Hello—this is Ginger Baker. I'm calling to say goodbye ..." This sounded final and gloomy. Did it mean that the Four Minute warning had been given, or was Ginger, most celebrated rock drummer of the age, about to flee…

by Chris Welch
Nov 16, 2017

Kenny Clare — Conservative Accompanist

When I mentioned Kenny Clare's name to Joe Morello one day, Joe responded: "He's the best jazz drummer in England. Kenny's just a fine musician." Judging by Kenny's credentials, Morello isn't the only one who holds such a high opinion…

by Rick Mattingly
Nov 16, 2017

John Marshall: Astute Musicianship

John Marshall is one of the most important and influential of British drummers, having been a mainstay of the English jazz and rock scene for almost two decades. Moving back to London after leaving Reading University, John cut his musical…

by Hal Logan
Nov 16, 2017

Kenny Jones

I was blown away by a Who concert as a 15-year-old, and for all the subsequent years, claimed that as my favorite live performance. Little has changed. That energy still remains, even more so perhaps, because it is more contained;…

Story by Robyn Flans | Photos by Lissa Wales
Nov 16, 2017