E-Drums and Apartment Dwellers

I live in a very old three-story apartment building with hardwood floors. I bought a Roland TD-20 drumkit for my son, but apparently the impact from the pads is finding its way into the apartment below, and the neighbors are complaining. Does someone make a platform or something to help in these situations?


This is a very common problem, and one that we addressed at length a few years back, in Technology Corner in the June 2012 issue. The basic premise is to decouple the drumset from the floor by using multiple layers of different materials in an attempt to break up the vibrations. Try building a platform using foam workout mats, .75″ plywood, and thick carpet. Roland has also released commercial Noise Eater products to help alleviate floor vibrations, including NE-10 isolation mats and the small, round NE-1, which goes beneath the feet of the stands and rack.