Los Cabos Drumsticks

Pro Series Line

The new Pro Series drumstick line features two artist models. The red hickory David McGraw stick measures .680″x16″. The white hickory Lee Stanton stick is .613″x16″ and is said to offer more power at slower tempos, while still being comfortable at faster rhythms.


Thumb Thang

Percussion Accessory

The Thumb Thang is a hands-free percussive accessory utilizing glass beads. The shaker-like instrument is engineered to be non–weight bearing on fingers, and it features three separate chambers to help maintain balance. The Thumb Thang can be handheld or worn on any finger.



Masters Dry and Extra Dry Rides

Paiste’s 20″, 21″, and 22″ Masters Dry rides are said to have a short harmonic decay to allow the cymbals to remain articulate at all dynamics and tempos. The responsive stick sound is supported by a dry, dark, warm wash.

Masters 20″, 21″, and 22″ Extra Dry rides have a stick sound that’s placed even further into the foreground. The reduced yet even decay offers an earthy, warm character with ultimate precision and control.


DW Drums

LowPro Travel Kit

DW’s new LowPro Travel Kits are designed to be lightweight, durable, and portable. The four-piece configuration includes 10″ and 13″ toms, a 12″ “snom,” and a 20″ bass drum, and it weighs less than twenty-nine pounds. Also included is a modified DW 6000 series Ultralight snare stand and accessory percussion arm for additional snare-to-tom setup options. The three-piece configuration includes 10″ and 13″ toms and a 20″ bass drum, and weighs just over twenty-two pounds. The ultra-shallow drum shells feature 9-ply, all-maple VLT construction and come in White Marine and Black Diamond FinishPly options.

Sold separately, the LowPro Travel kit transport bag is crafted from a reinforced canvas-like material and features a zipper top, a retractable top handle, side handles, dual smooth-rolling wheels, and a compartmentalized interior.


iDrumTune Pro

Drum Tuner App

The iDrumTune Pro, which was designed to enable accurate and repeatable drum tuning, is now available for Android devices. The tuner features a Spectrum Analyzer, which offers more detailed analysis and evaluation of higher overtones, as well as Pitch Tuning, Lug Tuning, and Resonant Head Tuning modes, the latter of which allows users to tune batter and resonant drumheads relative to each other.



Designer Series

This new series allows drummers to choose from more than a dozen woods, or combine various woods to create unique configurations. Number of plies, reinforcement rings, exotic faces, sizes, finish, hardware color, and signature badges are all customizable.

Also available is a pre-configured Designer Series kit that’s modeled after finely crafted acoustic guitars and features spruce and mahogany shells with SBR (solid-brass resonator) lugs. The deep, rich voice of mahogany is said to complement the responsive and resonant characteristics of spruce. List price for the three-piece shell pack is $2,499. An optional 6.5×14 snare is $499.




SonoKits reduce unwanted acoustical reflections and tame chaotic reverberations in both professional and residential settings. The fabric-wrapped Studiofoam Absorption Panels provide broadband frequency control and are ideal for wall or ceiling applications. The Bass Trap panel can be installed in either vertical or horizontal orientations where walls and ceilings meet. EZ-Stick Pro mounting tabs are included.

Also available are SonoLite Cloud Panels, which are configurations of 2’x4′ panels that can be flown individually or arrayed to form a 6’x4′ cloud. Assembly hardware with fly points is included.