Drum Soloist

By Barry Marshall

Roy Haynes is one of the leading exponents of modern jazz drumming. His influence in the development of the progressive styles of the late forties and fifties was equal to that of Kenny Clarke, Max Roach and Art Blakey. He has backed some of the top names in jazz; Parker, Monk, Davis, Sarah Vaughn, Lambert, Hendricks and Ross, Eric Dolphy and John Coltrane.The distinctive Roy Haynes style follows in the Jones tradition of impeccable taste and melodic sensitivity.

The transcription below was taken from Haynes’ work on “Out of the Afternoon” – Roy Haynes (Impulse-AS-23). The tune is a Haynes original entitled “Snap, Crackle”, recorded with Roland Kirk and Tommy Flannagan in 1962.

The solo, constructed within a 12 bar blues framework, is classic in terms of its simplicity, melodic phrasing and subtlety. The pulse is maintained throughout via the bass lines of Henry Grimes and the relentless Haynes hi-hat. Simple, yet effective use of tom-toms and biting accents weave themselves through the entire solo. Haynes ingenious use of silence and space is musically interesting and refreshing. Anywhere from 1-1/2 beats upwards to a full measure (26) of breathing space serves to maintain interest and highlight the rhythmic activity which surrounds it. Bars: (3-4) (6-7) (9-10) (26-30). The continuity of the second chorus is typical Haynes inventiveness as rhythmic thoughts are stated and re-stated with variation (13 thru 24). The third chorus is a complete melodic statement in which Haynes demonstrates his concern for melody and form and virtually pulls high and low tones from his toms. Notice, once again, the dramatic use of space, and the quarter note triplet fragments (31-32) which supply rhythmic variation amidst the overall continuity and astute construction of the solo.

If you have a favorite recorded solo which you’ve transcribed and would like to submit, please send your transcription (legible please) with comments or analysis to THE DRUM SOLOIST, Modern Drummer, 47 Harrison St., Nutley, N. J. 07110.


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