Starclassic Maple

Drumsets in Delmar Wrap Finishes

Starclassic Maple drumkits are now offered in eight Delmar wrap finishes. Satin black bass drum hoops with matching inlays are also available for drummers looking for a more classic appearance. Starclassic kits include 100-percent maple shells, Star- Cast mounting systems, and zinc die-cast hoops. Other hardware includes Quick-Lock mounting brackets, padded bass drum claws, and fully adjustable spurs. Shell hardware is available in chrome, black nickel, and smoked black nickel. Finishes offered are Charcoal Onyx, Charcoal Swirl, Ice Blue Pearl, Jade Silk, Red Oyster, Snow White Pearl, Vintage Blue Sparkle, and Vintage Marine Pearl. A four-piece shell pack with a 22″ bass drum lists for $3,538.45. Check it out at your local Tama dealer or from Amazon.



Drum Combo Amplifiers

The DA50B amp features fifty watts of class-D power, a 10″ woofer, and a 2″ tweeter. The DA200SB model has 200 watts of amplification, with dual 6.5″ woofers and 2.5″ tweeters, plus a 12″ downward-firing subwoofer. Both amps offer quarter-inch stereo line inputs, a quarter-inch auxiliary input with dedicated gain control, and an eighth-inch stereo input. There are line-level and XLR outputs on the rear panel. The DA50B and DA200SB drum combo amps list for $249.99 and $349.99, respectively.


Latin Percussion

Box Kit, Solo Cajon, and Mic Mount

LP’s Box Kit allows percussionists to play all three zones from a seated position. An independent bass soundboard offers distinct low end with no crosstalk. An adjustable snare mechanism is also included.

The Solo Cajon’s solid cedar body provides depth and warmth and has an exotic cedar soundboard. Additional features include individually tuned strings, an angled playing surface, and adjustable swivel feet.

The LP Cajon Mic Mount allows players to attach a mic to the sound hole of any cajon up to .75″ thick without inhibiting vibration or resonance. The mount comes with a knurled aluminum rod and an adapter that fits most mic clips.



MV8 Drumstick

This .710x17marching stick features a medium taper with extra weight in the shoulder and a rounded acorn tip to provide ideal rebound and a full sound. Check it out at your local Vater dealer or from Amazon.



Additional Export Lacquer and Session Studio Select Finishes

A transparent Satin Brown finish is now available for all Export Lacquer drumsets, snares, and component drums. Complete drumsets, with an 830 series hardware pack, list for $1,381.99.

Session Studio Select series drumkits are now offered in a Black Mirror Chrome finish. Various configurations with this scratch-resistant wrap list for $2,624.99.



AAX Cymbal Line

With additional hammering using a larger, rounder peen, new AAX models offer a wider range of tone and increased complexity. Additionally, the AAX line has been streamlined to make it simpler to navigate. Check them out at your local Sabian dealer or on Amazon.


Gon Bops

Fiesta Bells

Fiesta bells are crafted from clear-coated raw steel and have eyebolt pull clamps that accommodate mounting rods up to .375. The Cha-Cha and Cha-Cha Alto bells are designed to be mounted but can be played handheld for desired muted tones, and they offer a clear, high-pitched tone.

The medium-pitched Timbale bell is ideal for playing articulate rhythmic patterns. The Rock bell is said to offer a dry, low-pitched tone that cuts cleanly, and the Agogo bell has a clear and bright sound.