In Part I we used different placements of accents to expand the paradiddle. In this article, we will expand the paradiddle rhythmically. As I explained in Part I, you must keep your muscles relaxed and concentrate while playing these exercises.

In the first section, we will begin with a basic paradiddle and add one stroke at a time until we reach a time signature of 3/4, as follows:

Expanding The Paradiddle 1

Repeat each exercise at least 16 times and then proceed directly to the next one. Stay relaxed and strive for an even sound. Next, replace each consecutive right-hand beat with a triplet (RLL), and each consecutive left-hand beat with a triplet (LRR). (The letter above each exercise below refers to the bar in which it was originally played in the previous exercises.)

Expanding The Paradiddle 2

Using these ideas, try the following drumset routine: 1) All accented notes on the snare drum; 2) all unaccented right-hand beats on the floor tom; 3) all unaccented left-hand beats on the small tom; 4) bass drum and hi-hat (or second bass drum) play alternate 16ths. Thus, exercise (c) from our original group would be played as follows:

Expanding The Paradiddle 3

The same exercise, using triplets, would be played:

Expanding The Paradiddle 4

As another example, exercise (f) would be played on the set in the following manner:

Expanding The Paradiddle 5

Using triplets, exercise (0 would look like this:

Expanding The Paradiddle 6

In Part III we will conclude this series with some ideas on using paradiddles to play polyrhythms.