April 1984 – Volume 8 • Number 4


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Articles in April 1984

The Animals' John Steel

It was June, 1964. People were still trying to get used to four mop tops from England who had taken the country by storm when the radio began blaring a new sound. "There is a house in New Orleans they…

by Laurice Niemtus
Jun 11, 2018

Expanding The Paradiddle – Part II

In Part I we used different placements of accents to expand the paradiddle. In this article, we will expand the paradiddle rhythmically. As I explained in Part I, you must keep your muscles relaxed and concentrate while playing these exercises.…

by Chuck Kerrigan
Jun 11, 2018

Percussion Colors- Part 1

You've been cooking on the traps in the studio and you're listening to the playback now. It's great, but there still might be room for improvement—more color, more spice. How? With the addition of a layer or two of hand-percussion…

by David A. Mason
Jun 11, 2018

Drumming And Information

I met a young man at a clinic recently who told me that he had just purchased a $3,000 drumset, and he had only taken two lessons. I commented, "You sound like you are proud of the fact that you…

by Roy Burns
Jun 11, 2018

Michael Carabello - Return To The Jungle

  Percussionist Michael Carabello, an original member of the Santana band, has always played with raw power, poetry, and the confidence and simplicity of an old master. He has played with a "Who's Who" of music greats, including the Rolling…

by Connie Fisher
Jun 11, 2018

Jon Hiseman Interaction

Yosser was a character in a British TV seriescalled The Boys From The Blackstuff. Unable to come to terms with being unemployed, Yosser used to go around watching other people doing their jobs and saying, “I could do that!” As…

by Simon Goodwin
Jun 11, 2018

Ralph Cooper rhythm supplier

  If you describe me as emotional, that's fine because it's the truth," Air Supply's Ralph Cooper admitted midway through our interview. "Anybody who divorces emotions from music has got the wrong attitude. Emotions play a big part in music.…

by Robyn Flans
Jun 11, 2018