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Ain’t In It For My Health: A Film About Levon Helm Premiere

  Kino Lorber will present the US theatrical premiere of Ain’t In It For My Health: A Film About Levon Helm on Friday, April 19 at Cinema Village in New York. The film, directed by Jacob Hatley, is an in-depth…

Modern Drummer
Apr 9, 2013

Dave Grohl–Directed Feature Film to Debut at Sundance Film Festival

Dave Grohl’s directorial debut, the feature documentary film Sound City, about the famous recording studio in Van Nuys, California, will have its premiere screening at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. Grohl and select artists from the film…

Modern Drummer
Dec 5, 2012

Russell Simins Live With the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Check out this video of the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion performing “Strange Baby” live at Brooklyn’s Red Lotus Room this past June 8. According to, the event was taped for a pilot of a TV show tentatively titled The…

Modern Drummer
Oct 2, 2012

Health & Science: Drum Aerobics, Part 2

September 2012 Health & Science Drum Athletes Part 2: V-Sit and Push-Up Catch by Billy Cuthrell Last time I outlined several ball-drop exercises designed to develop your hand/eye coordination, dexterity, and agility. The next set of exercises will continue to…

Modern Drummer
Jul 27, 2012

Health & Science: Drum Aerobics, Part 1 (VIDEO)

August 2012 Health & Science Drum Athletes Coordination Exercises, Part 1 by Billy Cuthrell We spend countless hours sitting behind our drumsets, working to build our independence. I’ve found, though, that some of the very best exercises for developing dexterity…

Modern Drummer
Jun 25, 2012

Zach Danziger With Mr. Barrington, Live at Shapeshifter Lab

  Zach Danziger has been working on some new triggering concepts, examples of which can be seen in the clip from a June 12 Mr. Barrington performance at Shapeshifter Lab in Park Slope, Brooklyn. “I’m triggering all of the music…

Modern Drummer
Jun 22, 2012

LeeAnet Noble

Hey, MD readers. I’m LeeAnet, and I am a percussionist/performing artist in NYC. I began drumming with my feet—my grandmother Dr. Loncie Malloy taught me how to tap dance when I was two years old. My grandmother passed away when…

Modern Drummer
Jun 12, 2012

Swingin’ the Clave: Advanced Exercises for Developing Independence (VIDEO)

July 2012 Jazz Drummer’s Workshop Swingin’ the Clave Advanced Exercises for Developing Independence by Steve Fidyk In jazz, the ride cymbal is the focal point for creating a flowing, swinging time feel. In Afro-Cuban music, the clave assumes this role.…

Modern Drummer
May 16, 2012

Focus Perform “Hocus Pocus??? Live on The Midnight Special in ’73

  In this video from 1973, Dutch prog-rock band Focus performs the instrumental hit “Hocus Pocus” on The Midnight Special. Look for drummer Pierre van der Linden's succinct drum solos throughout the clip.  

Modern Drummer
May 14, 2012

Pete Lockett’s Rajasthan Collaboration: Percussion Breakdown Featuring Gafoor Khan and Kutla Khan

  World-renowned percussionist Pete Lockett recently travelled to Rajasthan, India, to get to the heart and soul of the Indian folk music tradition. The trip led to a series of collaborative performances throughout the country, as well as across Europe.…

Modern Drummer
Apr 26, 2012

U2 Drummer Larry Mullen Jr. Appears in Theatrical Remake of The Man on the Train

Larry Mullen Jr., the founding drummer of U2, is appearing in an English-language adaptation of Patrice Leconte’s acclaimed French crime drama L’Homme du Train (The Man on the Train). The film, which also stars Donald Sutherland, represents Larry’s acting debut.…

Modern Drummer
Apr 17, 2012

Rock & Jazz Clinic: Brush Workshop, Part 4 (VIDEO)

May 2012 Rock & Jazz Clinic Brush Workshop Part 4: Rudiments by Florian Alexandru-Zorn Almost every drummer practices the rudiments—with sticks. If you’re serious about learning how to use brushes, why not also practice the rudiments with them? This article…

Modern Drummer
Mar 20, 2012

Get Up: Strategies for Playing Fast and Staying Relaxed (w/ VIDEO)

May 2012 Jazz Drummer’s Workshop Get Up! Strategies for Playing Fast and Staying Relaxed by Steve Fidyk It’s widely understood that the faster the tempo, the more relaxed your body needs to be. In some cases, however, players psych themselves…

Modern Drummer
Mar 19, 2012

Focus on the Hi-Hat: The Classic Swing Sound (VIDEO)

March 2012 Jazz Drummer’s Workshop Focus on the Hi-Hat The Classic Swing Sound by Steve Fidyk   Before small groups reigned supreme and the ride cymbal became king, the beacon in jazz timekeeping was the hi-hat. Jo Jones with Count…

Modern Drummer
Jan 31, 2012