Health & Science: Drum Aerobics, Part 1 (VIDEO)

August 2012
Health & Science

Drum Athletes

Coordination Exercises, Part 1

by Billy Cuthrell

We spend countless hours sitting behind our drumsets, working to build our independence. I’ve found, though, that some of the very best exercises for developing dexterity don’t involve the drumset at all, but rather a few small bouncy balls and a training partner.

I’ve tracked the results of these exercises with a group of students in my private teaching studio, and each student had marked improvement in dexterity and coordination. The routines can be done in your home, in a gym, or out on your driveway on a nice day. For this set of beginner exercises, you’ll need a partner, thirty-fix to forty tennis balls and racquetballs, and a bucket to hold the balls. Follow the directions as outlined, and keep in mind that these exercises are designed to be challenging. Start slowly, and work your way up.

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