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Showroom: VK Drums Offers Hand-Built Drums

Launched in 2012 in Sheffield, England, VK Drums feature single-point lugs turned from solid stainless steel and drilled, tapped, and polished by hand. Hoops are available as 12mm solid laser-cut, mirror-polished, or single-flange with welded-on tags. The welded tags of…

Modern Drummer
Apr 24, 2015

Showroom: Introducing Sugar Percussion’s Stave-Built Custom Drums

Founded in 2011 and employing skills honed from twenty years of woodworking, Sugar Percussion constructs stave-shell, solid wood drums by hand, one at a time. There are no stock models, and every drum is built after deliberations and conversations between…

Modern Drummer
Nov 7, 2014

DW Frequent Flyer Drumset

Drum Workshop has announced the addition of a new model to its line of Design Series drums, called the Frequent Flyer kit, co-designed with Peter Erskine. The travel-friendly set includes a shallow 12x20 bass drum, traditional 8x12 rack tom, 11x14…

Modern Drummer
Oct 29, 2014

Showroom: DW Personalized Snare Drums

Drum Workshop has recently added a new offering to their line of Collector’s Series snare drums, called Exotic Monogram. Each drum is hand-inlayed with laser-cut exotic wood veneers to comprise a “retro shield” design containing two personal initials. DW executive…

Modern Drummer
Oct 16, 2014

Acrylic Customz Creates Custom Bass Drum Heads of Any Size

  Company founder Katie Costantino says, “I use acrylic paints and acrylic-paint pens to come up with eye-catching designs and graphics, from abstract pieces to album artwork, for drummers all over. Taking serious pride in my work, I make sure…

Modern Drummer
Aug 11, 2014

SJC Custom Zombie-Theme Kit

  This cool new kit from SJC features a custom zombie theme. The kit features 8x12, 13x15, and 14x16 toms, and a 16x24 kick. All of the drums are built using smoked-black acrylic shells and have a custom blood splatter…

Modern Drummer
Jun 5, 2014

Web Exclusive! GMS Drums: Looking Back and Stepping Forward With New York’s Original Boutique

GMS founders Tony Gallino and Rob Mazzella in 2012 Web Exclusive! GMS Looking Back and Stepping Forward With New York’s Original Boutique by Michael Dawson No fancy robots, no marketing focus groups, no overstated advertising campaigns—just great-sounding and great-looking drums,…

Modern Drummer
Jun 13, 2013

Mapex MyDentity Drumset

March 2013 Product Close-Up Mapex MyDentity Drumset by Michael Dawson You’ve no doubt seen the Mapex ads boasting how the company offers 516,837,888 possible drumset configurations in its MyDentity series, and how the drums will be made to order and…

Modern Drummer
Jan 16, 2013

Yamaha Recording Custom Drumset

January 2013 Product Close-Up Yamaha Recording Custom Drumset by Michael Dawson Yamaha’s Recording Custom series occupies a very special place in the pantheon of iconic drum lines. Slingerland laid the foundation for modern design in the 1930s with its single-ply…

Modern Drummer
Nov 21, 2012

Zildjian K Custom Dark Complex Rides and Hybrid Trash Smash Cymbals

Zildjian K Custom Dark Complex Rides and Hybrid Trash Smash by Michael Dawson Three of the more interesting pieces that Zildjian has released this year are the medium-thin 21" and 22" Dark Complex rides and the funky-looking 19" Hybrid Trash…

Modern Drummer
Jun 19, 2012

Meinl Classics Custom Extreme Metal Cymbals

Meinl Classics Custom Extreme Metal Series Cymbals by Michael Dawson The original Classics Custom series comprises mid-priced B10-alloy splashes, crashes, Chinas, and rides in Medium and Powerful weights, all of which proved to be a good choice for rock and…

Modern Drummer
Apr 18, 2012

Kit Of The Month: A Do-It-Yourself Adventure

by Thomas Given Thomas Given’s Collage Kit appeared in the Kit Of The Month department of the August ’07 MD. Here’s his full report on the creation of this unusual kit, along with a bevy of photos illustrating the project.…

Modern Drummer
Jun 21, 2007