Mapex MyDentity Drumset

Mapex MyDentity Drumset 2012

March 2013

Product Close-Up


MyDentity Drumset

by Michael Dawson

You’ve no doubt seen the Mapex ads boasting how the company offers 516,837,888 possible drumset configurations in its MyDentity series, and how the drums will be made to order and delivered in thirty days. Add to that the fact that the drums are priced in the mid-level range, from $999 to around $1,919 depending on the number of pieces you get, and this all starts to seem a bit too good to be true. To test out this new interactive approach to ordering a drumkit, we decided to take on the role of MyDentity customer and logged on to the website, built a few different setups, placed an order for our favorite one, and then waited to see what came in.

Click below to listen to our custom MyDentity kit:



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