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July 1986:
Gary Chaffee

One would think that a drummer of high enough caliber to play with Pat Metheny, Dave Samuels, Steve Swallow, Jaco Pastorius, Abe Laboriel, and Gary Burton would be in the middle of an exciting playing career. One would also think that this same drummer would be crazy if all he …

August 1984:
Bob Moses — Dreamer
Bob Moses

Watching Bob Moses hover over his drums at Right Track Studios in Manhattan like a marionette spider, deadpanning Buster Keatonish responses to the groove of fellow- percussionists

March 1983:
John Marshall: Astute Musicianship
John Marshall

John Marshall is one of the most important and influential of British drummers, having been a mainstay of the English jazz and rock scene for almost two decades.

December 1979 - January 1980:
Bob Moses: Beneath the Surface
Bob Moses

If I were asked to make a list of the most underrated drummers. Bob Moses would be the first name that would come to my mind. I first met Moses through Charlie Perry at a jazz drumming workshop Perry was conducting.

September 2001:
September 2001 – Volume 25 • Number 9

John Dolmayan, Matt Sorum, Taylor Hawkins, Alan Evans, Jimmy Degrasso, Ribb Rivera, Mike Clark, Gary Burton, Hal Aponte, Victor DeLorenzo, Jorge Rossy, Scott Underwood, Kevin Miller, Steve Ettleson, Rob Ladd, Craig Krampf

Posted: November 15, 2016

Category: News, News and Events
Yamaha Honors Artist-Educators at PASIC 2016

Yamaha presented the company’s Legacy in Education Awards to Steve Houghton and Bret Kuhn during this week’s annual Percussive Arts Society International Convention (PASIC) held in Indianapolis.

Posted: January 1, 2016

Category: News, News and Events
News: Super Vibes Jam Returns to Asbury Park, January 9, 2016

The World Vibes Congress is a gathering of professional players, college percussion teachers, and students whose mission is to promote the vibraphone and improvisation on all keyboard percussion instruments, including writing more music, getting more students to play, and working with teachers to develop the best methods for instruction on …

Posted: June 30, 2015

Category: Drummers, Lessons, Multimedia, Videos
VIDEO LESSON! Samba Independence Tips With Jazz Great Antonio Sanchez

In this short video lesson, supplied by Drum Guru and Hudson Music, August 2015 cover artist, Antonio Sanchez, shares his favorite exercise for developing complete creative freedom with the left hand in a Brazilian samba style….

Posted: January 29, 2014

Category: Clinics and Events, News, News and Events
Second World Vibes Congress Held at Malletech Factory

The World Vibes Congress was held at the Malletech factory in Neptune, NJ on January 4 and 5, 2014. By the time jazz legend Gary Burton took to the stage at the Dauphin Grille Saturday night, about sixty fellow vibraphonists had spent the day discussing ways to promote their instrument, …

Posted: December 31, 2013

Category: Clinics and Events, News, News and Events
Super Vibes Jam Descends on Asbury Park

Many of the world’s greatest jazz vibraphonists will perform a free vibes jam at the Dauphin Grille on Saturday, January 4, 2014, in conjunction with the second World Vibes Congress….

Posted: July 23, 2013

Category: Drummers, Issues, News, News and Events
September 2013 Issue of Modern Drummer Featuring Dino Danelli of the Rascals

See what’s in the September 2013 Issue of Modern Drummer magazine Featuring Dino Danelli of the Rascals…

Posted: June 20, 2012

Category: Drummers, On the Beat
Mathias Künzli

Music has guided my career for over two decades. I was born in Switzerland, and I started to play drums at age thirteen, playing rock ’n’ roll and then becoming the drummer for the Swiss Youth Jazz Orchestra. After receiving two scholarships from Berklee College of Music, I moved to …

Posted: December 9, 2011

Category: News, News and Events
National Music Workshop’s 2012 Pat Metheny Summer Music Workshop

For intermediate and advanced jazz musicians, all instruments (limited enrollment) — Event to be held August 20-24, 2012, The Spa at Norwich Inn, Norwich, CT– The National Music Workshop is proud to announce the 2012 Pat Metheny Summer Music Workshop. World-renowned guitarist, composer and bandleader Pat Metheny will return to …

Posted: June 14, 2011

Category: Drummers, Feature Stories
Bob Gatzen: Student, Guru

Although he’s a talented drummer who has studied with famed player/teachers Joe Porcaro, Al Lepak, and Gary Burton and whose groups Moto and Spiral have featured top New York and Boston musicians, Bob Gatzen is perhaps best known as a producer, inventor, and drumming Renaissance man whose motto is “explore—discover—create.???

Posted: December 17, 2009

Category: Drummers, Feature Stories, The Greats
Roy Haynes: The Hippest Of The Hip

It’s taken the jazz community nearly half a century to catch up with the inventive and super-hip stylings of Roy Haynes—the oft-proclaimed “father of modern drumming.???

Posted: March 25, 2009

Category: Drummers, Feature Stories
Lewis Nash: Jazz’s Most Valuable Player

Nash is all about the tradition of jazz–if by “tradition??? you mean making the most sublime rhythmic statements possible.

Posted: December 15, 2007

Category: Drummers, Feature Stories, Update
Antonio Sanchez

Best known for his multi-timbral, multi-textural, orchestral jazz drumming with The Pat Metheny Group, Antonio Sanchez spreads his solo sticks wide for his debut as a leader, Migration….

Posted: August 19, 2005

Category: Drummers, Feature Stories, Update
Jon Christensen

The title of this piece is a cryptic warning that appears in the liner notes of Jon Christensen: Selected Recordings, a recent tribute CD on ECM’s Rarum series. Over the past thirty years, the Norwegian drummer has played drums and percussion on fully fifty-five releases from the esteemed German jazz …

Posted: May 12, 2004

Category: Drummers, Feature Stories, Update
Gary Burton

In 1999, as Gary Burton was celebrating his fiftieth year as a vibraphonist, the vibraphone itself turned seventy-five years old. Burton felt the time was right to pay tribute to the instrument and the players who pioneered jazz vibraphone. The result is his recent album on Concord, For Hamp, Red, …

Posted: May 12, 2004

Category: Drummers, Feature Stories, Update
Steve Houghton

Many Musicians Institute alumni know Steve Houghton as one of the most passionate and challenging instructors in P.I.T.’s history. But Steve is also an accomplished player, earning performing and recording credits with Woody Herman, Billy Childs, Freddie Hubbard, Toshiko Akiyoshi, Diana Krall, Scott Henderson, Gary Burton, and Arturo Sandoval….

Posted: May 12, 2004

Category: Drummers, Feature Stories
Clarence Penn – Classical Chameleon, Jazz Journeyman

Clarence Penn’s third album as a leader is called Somay, a word whose roots lie, as do many elements of contemporary music, in Africa.

Posted: May 12, 2004

Category: Drummers, Feature Stories, Update
Ian Froman

Ferocious! That’s Ian Froman live with Dave Liebman, Rick Margitza, and his own band, Metalwood. If Froman kept a proper scrapbook, instead of envelopes strewn about his Greenwich Village co-op, it would be bulging with clippings exclaiming much the same thing….

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