Clem Burke: Blondie Tour Kit Rundown

Join Clem Burke, longtime drummer for Blondie and one of our featured artists in Modern Drummer‘s June 2023 issue, as he runs down his drum kit.

Modern Drummer linked up with Clem Burke at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles ahead of a Blondie show, and he took us through his DW Collectors Series drum kit. Burke also discusses his array of Zildjian cymbals, his Roland Octapad, Remo drum heads, and Vic Firth sticks.

Burke is currently closing out his tour with Blondie and just recently wrapped up performances at Coachella and Glastonbury. In his recent interview with Modern Drummer, Burke goes over his extensive history in the music business and discusses the Clem Burke Drumming Project, which uses scientific research to help build connections between the brain and the physical activities of drumming.

Watch Clem Burke’s tour kit rundown below, and revisit Modern Drummer‘s June 2023 interview with Burke here.