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Bass Drum Technique By Colin Bailey

  DVD LEVEL: ALL $24.99 Aspiring drummers of all ages should note that jazzman Colin Bailey has transferred knowledge from his acclaimed book, Bass Drum Control, to video. Beneath Bailey’s mild-mannered British accent lurks a monster right foot. The lessons…

Modern Drummer
Jun 5, 2012

The Raconteurs Live at Montreux 2008

  DVD LEVEL: ALL $19.98 Stylistic connections are often drawn between Jack White and the bands he’s associated with, including the Raconteurs, and heavy, soulful ’60s and ’70s artists like the Yardbirds, Humble Pie, and Terry Reid, whose “Rich Kid’s…

Modern Drummer
Jun 1, 2012

The Brush Secret: How to Apply Your Own Voice to the Brushes by Florian Alexandru-Zorn

  DVD (2) LEVEL: ALL $39.99 I can usually assess the value of an educational DVD based on how quickly it causes me to reach for the remote, hit pause, and start practicing. I made it only about five minutes…

Modern Drummer
May 24, 2012

Out of Time (Drum Video Series Vol. 1) Featuring Narada Michael Walden

  DVD LEVEL: ALL $24.95 It’s almost enough just to see the master play. But hearing Narada Michael Walden’s stream-of-consciousness thoughts on whatever he’s throwing down at the moment is both hilarious and highly informative. Out of Time naturally focuses on…

Modern Drummer
Apr 10, 2012

Basic Hand Technique As Taught to Chuck Silverman by Richard Wilson and Murray Spivak

E-BOOK/DOWNLOADABLE VIDEO LEVEL: BEGINNER TO INTERMEDIATE $30 Educator Chuck Silverman’s new e-book/downloadable video bundle distills the wisdom of two of his teachers, Richard Wilson and Murray Spivak, into practical instruction for hand technique. Wilson’s concepts include “wrist turns” and “down…

Modern Drummer
Feb 29, 2012

Jimi Hendrix: New CDs and DVDs

The Jimi Hendrix Experience: Winterland (4 CDs) Jimi Hendrix: Hendrix in the West (CD) Jimi Hendrix: The Dick Cavett Show (DVD) Jimi Hendrix: Blue Wild Angel: Live at the Isle of Wight (DVD)   It was Jimi Hendrix’s overriding artistic…

Modern Drummer
Jan 19, 2012

66 Drum Solos forthe Modern Drummer by Tom Hapke

  BOOK/CD LEVEL: INTERMEDIATE $19.99 German drummer Tom Hapke’s newest book is a worthy learning/teaching tool set up to challenge and improve players’ technical facility, independence, and reading ability. Each of the solos or beat examples is spread across just…

Modern Drummer
Jan 4, 2012

Miles Davis QuintetLIVE in Europe 1967: The Bootleg Series VOL.1

  CD/DVDs For Tony lovers (and who isn’t one?) here’s nonstop bliss. This superb set of three CDs plus one DVD captures five concerts from a 1967 European tour. The lineup of Miles Davis (trumpet), Herbie Hancock (piano), Wayne Shorter…

Modern Drummer
Dec 16, 2011

Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dream and Gish 2011 Deluxe Editions

  CD/DVDs Smashing Pumpkins’ first two records have been reissued with a remastered album proper, a bonus disc of outtakes and rarities, and an era-specific live concert DVD. From the opening tom pattern of “I Am One” (from 1991’s Gish),…

Modern Drummer
Dec 14, 2011

Levon HelmRamble at the Ryman

DVD LEVEL: ALL $19.98 The things that make Levon Helm a great drummer and performer are hugely evident at this 2008 concert. Sixty-eight at the time of this show, Helm doesn’t let anything slide, doesn’t take one measure of rhythm…

Modern Drummer
Nov 30, 2011

Learn To Read Rhythms...Better!by Pat Petrillo

DVD LEVEL: ALL $29.95 Drummers Collective instructor Pat Petrillo’s new multimedia offering is the next best thing to an actual live lesson. An “interactive reading boot camp that comes with a teacher,” the two-DVD set allows students to play along…

Modern Drummer
Nov 9, 2011

Gannin Arnold Project5 World Class Drummers

  DVD LEVEL: INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED $24.95 Fusion guitarist Gannin Arnold assembles five badass stickmen to wail on his Jeff Beck-inspired material. The resulting two-DVD set is an often-fascinating look at the different approaches, ideas, and emphasis that each player…

Modern Drummer
Oct 28, 2011

John Robinson The Time Machine

  DVD LEVEL: ALL $24.95 It’s been a good number of years since JR’s last instructional video, but this project is well worth the wait. Robinson is widely regarded as the world’s most recorded drummer, playing on records that have…

Modern Drummer
Oct 20, 2011

Neil Peart Taking Center StageDVD Review

  DVD LEVEL: ALL $39.99 This jam-packed DVD follows Neil Peart during Rush’s 2010/11 Time Machine tour, featuring an entire two-and-a-half-hour concert, with cameras focused exclusively on the drums and a Neil-heavy audio mix. Each song from the concert is…

Modern Drummer
Oct 11, 2011