<em>Bass Drum Technique</em> By Colin Bailey


Bass Drum Technique By Colin Bailey



Aspiring drummers of all ages should note that jazzman Colin Bailey has transferred knowledge from his acclaimed book, Bass Drum Control, to video. Beneath Bailey’s mild-mannered British accent lurks a monster right foot. The lessons start with the basics of bass drum pedal, placement of the foot on the pedal board for the best leverage, and exercises to optimize pedal control. The goal is to give drummers the flexibility to use the bass drum effectively in any situation. From Bailey’s explanation of the ankle stroke onward, students should start seeing improvement in their doubles, triplets, 8ths, and 16ths, as well as their ability to place the beats creatively and accurately. Developing speed and a bold stroke like Bailey’s takes discipline, and Bass Drum Technique shows the way. (Drum Channel)

Robin Tolleson