Online Review Gannin Arnold




Fusion guitarist Gannin Arnold assembles five badass stickmen to wail on his Jeff Beck-inspired material. The resulting two-DVD set is an often-fascinating look at the different approaches, ideas, and emphasis that each player gives to a piece of music. The DVD works well because Arnold makes it about the drummers, and they invest heart and soul into each track. Taylor Hawkins is brazenly strong and accurate, punching the kicks with ease, while Gary Novak burns but is clearly laboring by the end of his take. Simon Phillips has a smooth calm to his grounded playing, and gives one section a double time feel á la Beck’s “Savoy.” Jimmy Chamberlin shows how he is a master of flams and feel. And Terry Bozzio’s orchestral use of cymbals and white noise punctuates his almost primal drive. (Drum Channel)
Robin Tolleson