As a student, I always try to seek out new ways to use rudiments on the drumset, and as a teacher, I encourage my students to do the same. The following ideas came about when my teacher, Ray Fransen, showed me the following beat:

Paradiddle-diddle 1

I was intrigued with the feel of this beat and started looking for different ways to play it. This led to the application of the paradiddle-diddle.

What follows is the paradiddle-diddle, which should be practiced with and without accents:

Paradiddle-diddle 2

In working up speed on this rudiment, try to feel the motion of the paradiddle-diddle in order to obtain a smooth flow and fast execution. In other words, try not so much to think, “RLRRLL,” but use physical memory to think of what it feels like to play a paradiddle-diddle.

Once a nominal tempo is achieved, try the following accent pattern to “set up” for the beat:

Paradiddle-diddle 3

Now, simply play the same part on the closed hi-hat and accent on the snare drum:

Paradiddle-diddle 4

Once you become comfortable with the basic hand pattern, add the following bass drum patterns:Paradiddle-diddle 5


By permutating the sticking of the paradiddle-diddle and applying it to the set, an upbeat feel can be achieved:

Paradiddle-diddle 6

The upbeat can be switched to the hi-hat, as follows:

Paradiddle-diddle 7

By keeping the same sticking and switching to a jazz beat, the snare acts as a “filler” to the ride-cymbal pattern:

Paradiddle-diddle 8

The original sticking pattern can serve as a variation to the jazz- ride rhythm, as follows:

Paradiddle-diddle 9

This pattern could also be used as a fill:

Paradiddle-diddle 10

Returning to a rock feel, the following combination using the paradiddle-diddle can be used on either the ride cymbal or hi-hat:Paradiddle-diddle 11

The paradiddle-diddle is not just limited to beat patterns. It can be used for some excellent fills. Here are just a few ideas:

Paradiddle-diddle 12

Of course, all of this just scratches the surface. I haven’t even mentioned the possibilities of starting the paradiddle-diddle with the left hand or using the flamadiddle-diddle. As I tell my students, the rudiments are only limited by your imagination!