October 1986 - Volume 10 • Number 10 - Modern Drummer Magazine

October 1986 – Volume 10 • Number 10

Dave Weckl, Bobby Blotzer, Debbi Peterson, Randy Wright, Zoro, A.J. Pero, Stefan Kaufman, Biddie Freed

Articles in October 1986


Mousey Alexander — Drumming And Courage

In 1957, I was scheduled for an audition with Benny Goodman's band at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City. The drummer with Benny was a man by the name of Mousey Alexander. Mousey was a well-known professional drummer…

by Roy Burns
Nov 14, 2018

Applying The Paradiddle-diddle

As a student, I always try to seek out new ways to use rudiments on the drumset, and as a teacher, I encourage my students to do the same. The following ideas came about when my teacher, Ray Fransen, showed…

by Jeff Macko
Nov 14, 2018

Debbie Peterson — She Knows What She Wants

Debbie Peterson sits in a stiff, straight-backed chair at the CBS Records office in Midtown Manhattan and fidgets nervously with her necklace. "I'm quite new to this," she announces, as I set up my cassette recorder and prepare for the…

by Robert Santelli
Nov 14, 2018

Randy Wright — Music And Life

Randy Wright defies the usual definition of drummer. Certainly he's that for Barbara Mandrell, but he's so much more. Aside from being the Mandrell bandleader, Randy is a featured vocalist in the band. In fact, he is almost more at…

by Robyn Flans
Nov 14, 2018

Bobby Blotzer — Ratt ’n’ roll time

Being the backbone of Ratt 'n' roll isn't easy, but somebody has to do it. Bobby Blotzer was such a highly desirable player in the L.A. area a few years back that the members of Ratt had to put up…

by Anne M. Raso
Nov 14, 2018