Rock Perspectives

Coordination Development

by David Garibaldi

How many of you like a challenge? In this Rock Perspectives series, I’m going to challenge not only your ability to play, but your ability to think as well. Thinking through the details of what you are trying to do is very important. Getting a clear mental picture of your sound, and then doing it is essential. Developing a musical identity requires thought as well as physical practice. Hours in the practice room developing five stroke rolls can be beneficial, but using those five stroke rolls in a musical situation is what really counts.

You learn simply from playing with other musicians and thereby determine what works and what doesn’t. This of course, takes time, so relax and enjoy. Being masterful at anything generally requires huge amounts of diligent study combined with practical application.

Much of today’s contemporary music has a very strong quarter note pulse. The following examples are hand patterns that go over quarter notes on the bass drum. The bass may be used in the following manner: (1,2,3,4), (1 & 3) or (2 & 4). Practice with a metronome beginning at mm. 96. Remember to play the unaccented notes much softer than the accented notes.
Rock Perspectives

The Oakland Stroke: * Leave out the first beat of the bar when repeating the pattern
Rock Perspectives

The patterns that follow are from the new Tower of Power LP entitled Back on the Streets. The tune is “This Must be Love.”
Rock Perspectives


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