One of the most confidence-shattering problems facing any drummer is the realization that one hand just doesn’t work right.  At best, the weak hand will feel just a little clumsy; at worst, it can feel like it simply does not exist. How ever, this should come as no surprise, since most of us go through our day using our dominant hand almost exclusively. The next time you’re at a drive-thru window, notice the person in the car ahead reaching clear across his or her entire body to retrieve an item. The left hand doesn’t exist.

To help eliminate this problem, you should begin using your weak hand in daily activity. It could be something as simple as carrying an object or unscrewing a jar. Don’t confine yourself to just strength activities either. The goal is to develop hand and finger control, as well as strength and coordination.

You should also try to concentrate on technical drumming exercises that emphasize the weak hand. If your weak hand is 25% weaker than your strong hand, balanced exercises will strengthen both hands, but the weakness will continue to exist. The secret is to work the weaker hand 25% more. The following exercises will help you attain that goal.

The studies are written for right-handed players, so lefties should reverse the sticking. Go for repetitions first, and then for speed. Remember to be precise, but above all, be patient. Good luck!

Developing The Weak Hand 1

Developing The Weak Hand 2

Developing The Weak Hand 3