Lars Ulrich Worldwired Starclassic Drumkit

As part of the Starclassic series, this six-piece limited-edition replica kit features 8-ply/7mm maple bass drums and 6-ply/5mm maple toms. This pro-level instrument has the same purple finish as the kit Lars uses on tour with Metallica. Additional features include Quick-Lock tom brackets, die-cast hoops, Star-Cast mounting systems, and air-cushioned floor tom legs. List price is $6,150.



Compact Stick-On Practice Pad

Developed to offer drummers a more portable alternative to conventional practice pads, the Compact Stick-On practice pad allows drummers to play on any hard, flat surface, such as a desk, countertop, or coffee table. Features include a soft, black gum-rubber surface with a red rubber rim and a washable, tacky gel backing.



Rhythm Lids

Rhythm Lids are pre-tuned drumheads designed to fit most five-, six-, and seven-gallon buckets and are available in Bright Skyndeep (10-mil), Medium Skyndeep (15-mil with Clear Dot), Dark Skyndeep (20-mil with Black Dot), and Warm Comfort Sound Technology.

The Rhythm Lid Snare Kit comes with a Black Dot Lid and a patented Snare Clip, which sits on the inside of the bucket rim.



457 and 457 Rock Cymbals

Made by skilled craftsmen in China and designed by drummers in the US, 457 and 457 Rock cymbals are hand-hammered and feature a brilliant finish. Combo packages of 13″ and 18″ sizes are available.