This article deals with the use of triplets within a compound phrase to embellish and create more interesting patterns. By inserting the 16th-note triplets into the duple feel, these patterns become more exciting to the ear. Practice each exercise at first without opening the hi-hat. Once that is comfortable, add the open hi-hat parts.

Phrasing with Triplets 1

In the following exercise, 32nd notes are added to create a very intricately phrased pattern. Be sure to play the 32nd notes evenly.

Phrasing with Triplets 2

The next exercise illustrates how the triplet embellishment can create interest and a driving feel to the second bar of a two-bar phrase.

Phrasing with Triplets 3

The following two exercises are based entirely on a triplet feel. Practice these slowly at first.

Phrasing With Triplets 4

Once these exercises become comfortable to play, try creating a few of your own. You will find that these embellishments can add an appealing effect to the overall feel of your playing.