The application of rudimental/military type patterns to the drumset has added another dimension to contemporary music. Although I don’t consider myself a rudimental player, I really enjoy the sound of rudimental drumming. This idea is based upon the “military” sound. If you think “cadence,” you’ll have no trouble at all in getting it to groove. These hand patterns utilize three rudimental sounds. The diddle, flams and the press roll. To these I’ve added a simple part for the feet.

Look at Example A. I’m not going to break this down into all of its rudimental components, but simply key in on some potential trouble spots.

Military Sound 1

The diddle is played like this:

Military Sound 2

The flams are played in the traditional manner, but be careful to play them as accented notes.

The press roll is accented and held for two 16th notes. Let the stick buzz as long as possible so that it “melts” into the diddled note. This is done by relaxing the hand as soon as the stroke is made. The release of tension allows the stick to buzz for a longer time. Practicing at slower tempos can be of help in building this technique.

Military Sound 3

Military Sound 4


Bonus fun: Omit the diddle and substitute a single stroke on the tom-tom of your choice. See you next time!